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According to Peter De Lorenzo at, GM are very busy shopping Saab’s advertising account for the US market. His rant for this week covers all sorts of rumours circulating around Detroit and the Saab advertising rumour rates as a “slam dunk” on his own AE scale.

Now, there’s Amare Stoudemire slam dunks and then there’s Nate Robinson All Star Weekend slam dunks (that take nine attempts before they get done). We’ll see.


The Swedish Embassy to the US and the Swedish Trade Council will be hosting an automotive safety gathering next week at the House of Sweden. Reps from Volvo (both cars and trucks) and Saab will be there talking about all the things the Swedes have done to dramatically reduce their road toll over the years. Road systems, car safety systems, legislation. It’ll all be on the books.

Details here.


Those of you in the south-east of England should be keeping your ear to the ground and checking out who’s selling contaminted fuel there. The problem is being reported as occuring between Norwich and Brighton.

Initial rumours were that ethanol was being added to fuel without notification to consumers and the fuel was messing with the oxygen sensors, thereby causing the car to cut fuel delivery and revert to limp-home mode.

Ethanol’s been ruled out as the culprit, but cars are still being affected, Saabs among them.

The worst part? As it’s a fuel problem it’s not covered by warranty, leaving a lot of owners out of pocket.


Finally, the TS stats for February. I’m publishing these for the benefit of Saab worldwide, to show the various national Saab PR offices that this blogging thing has got some legs.

The numbers for February showed continued growth. You GM and Saab folks reading this: what you see here is an average of 7,500 pages per day from this site being served to 4,400 individual users per day during the month of February. And it hasn’t cost you a cracker.


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  1. I don’t understand why GM would be shopping for a new advertising company for SAAB. Wasn’t “Born from Jets” a huge hit?

    And I thought the place to look for an advertising agency is Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, not Detroit, Michigan. And why go with an agency that has been “battered and bruised” as of late? Better deal? Maybe they’re “hungrier”?

    In the 1990 Dudley Moore film “Crazy People” he plays an advertising executive who is sent to an insane asylum for some atypically truthful advertising. One of his ads was “Volvo: they’re boxy, but they’re good” πŸ˜‰

    Lastly, hey SAAB and GM: how about making an anonymous purchase of THOUSANDS of TrollhattanSAAB t-shirts to send Swade to Sweden for the SAAB Festival? πŸ™‚

  2. Great Job Swade, maybe I should start clicking on random pages every second to increase that number, as if it’s not high enough already…

    1985 Gripen, that would be great if saab did that, but it wouldn’t very anonymous after your comment would it?

  3. Btw Swade, if you’re gona let ‘’ advertise right there on your page, then you’ve gotta request some Saab coverage on their website.

    I tried to search through specific Saab models and the only ones that showed up were 9-2x and 9-7x. Blasphemy!

  4. 1985 Gripen,

    If Saab/ GM offers kindly offers free tickets to the Saab Festival in Sweden, I hope to be included in on this with Swade.

    This may be the only way Swade and I will be able to make it, realistically.


  5. Well, I’m rooting for Swade’s Plan B, which coming to the US for the SOC in August.

    It blows my mind that there’s a significant difference in cost traveling from Australia to the U.S. as compared to Sweden.

    If my 99 turbo is ready to drive, I might let Swade drive the 9-5 Aero to Detroit (that way I can get two cars there!). Or we can trade off. πŸ™‚

  6. Greg, if you saw the bills that were in my letterbox yesterday…..

    Plan B is becoming a more realistic option every day. And that dangling of a 99T is pure candy.

    Seriously, I’m still aiming for Sweden but it’s going to be a very tough job to make it there.

    And Saaboy, thanks for the offer but no need to artifically inflate the numbers.

    I’ll have to have another look at their Saab stuff on site. I’m not too fussed as long as their accounts dept pay their bills on time. I’d have thought they wouldn’t be getting decent value though. No-one looking here’s likely to be shopping for a Toyota.

    Volvo: “Built to protect Volvo drivers from other Volvo drivers.”

  7. Sweden, the home of Saab, is the only place to be! πŸ™‚

    What about some statistics on different nationalities reading Trollhattan Saab? That would be interesting to see…

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