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Time to rag on Consumer Reports again…..

Autoblog are covering the admission by CR that their recent babyseat crash test results were erroneous due to a misunderstanding between CR and the test lab that was contracted to conduct the tests. For those of you that missed it, CR’s recent babyseat test results, which were actually published in their magazine, failed something in the order of 80% of the babyseats tested. They published this result, no doubt crippling the sales of many manufacturers and then when people started to question the result they looked into it and found out they were wrong.

They’re now blaming the erroneous result on a misunderstanding that saw the crash test conducted at twice the required speed.

Fair enough…..the lab they contracted made an error. But isn’t it the responsibility of the publisher to check those results prior to putting them to print?? Isn’t an 80% failure rate a red flag to be checked out? Do they read they stuff they publish first?

I know many people think that Saab really do have to try harder to make a better impression in CR’s reports. I agree that Saab do have to continually improve, but I think some CR-type scrutiny applied to CR themselves might go a long way.

For those who are interested, True Delta have an interesting article on how those little red dots are actually gathered. Objective? Hardly.


Some good news!!

The Environmental Transport Association in the UK has handed out it’s bunch of green awards. The overall winner was the Honda Civic Hybrid (not a Prius to be seen on the honours list) but Saab won the inaugural Innovation Award for the BioPower range.


Speaking of which, Saab GB Jonathan Nash – he of the creepy green briefcase and great tie – has posted a response to the UK budget handed down yesterday, which did absolutely stuff-all to promote the private sale of flex-fuel cars.

Mr Nash welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement of a two per cent discount from company car tax from April 2008 as an important new incentive for flex-fuel cars, equipped to run on eco-friendly bioethanol E85.

However, he noted that changes to vehicle excise duty (VED) would give no encouragement to private buyers of a flex-fuel car.

“Vehicles that run on bioethanol E85 such as the Saab BioPower range typically reduce CO2 emissions by 50-70 per cent. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown’s headline-grabbing increase in VED which is designed to hit the most polluting cars on the road won’t help green-minded drivers to opt for a flex-fuel car,” commented Nash.

“I am deeply disappointed that vehicle excise duty (VED) rates take no account of the positive contribution that biofuels can make. That makes no sense if the Chancellor’s objective is to reduce CO2 from road transport,” Nash pointed out.


If I’m reading this correctly, then a Saab dealership in Germany has just opened their own E85 pump, which is a very serious way of addressing your customers’ refuelling requirements.

Wuppertal Saab is owned by the Oestrich family and when it opened in 1970 was reportedly one of the first Saab dealerships in Germany. Obviously not the types to keep their heads buried in the sand (ha ha ha haaaa), they’re moving ahead of the environmental curve and selling the 2.0 and 2.3 BioPower variants in the 9-5, and I’m sure they’ll get the 9-3 soon enough.

Seen here at the opening are an Oestrich, a couple of other guys and someone who matters, Monica Lierhaus. She’s referred to in the press release as a Saab Ambassador.


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