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It’s Thursday March 29th here and that means three things…


Firstly, for those of you with a Saab 60th Anniversary calendar, either the desk unit like mine or the big wall calendar, we’re about to move from Re-Axs month to ignition-between-the-front-seats month.

Seems entirely appropriate (sort of) as this happened in the Saab 99 and this month has been the month of Saab 99 love, though that would make the calendar a month late, but that’s not entirely inappropriate either.


Second, it means we’re near the end of the month and that means it’s almost sales data time!!

Saab USA’s 9-3 sales tanked in February, so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a rebound in March. This is also the traditional shot-in-the-arm month in the UK where new plates are issued and everyone goes car-buying crazy.

Swedish sales were steady in February. Hopefully they will be in March too.


Thirdly, I enter my 38th year tomorrow. Yikes!!


Ryan has an interesting video of Stig Blomqvist winning a Swedish rally back in 1980 in a 300hp Saab 99 Turbo. As I watched it yesterday I couldn’t help but note that it’d probably be one less trophy in the cabinet if they moved broken vehicles off the course and had safety cars like they do now.

Still, you gotta drive the race that’s presented to you and Stig set consecutive lap records to get himself back into the race.

Stirring stuff.


I need to do some statistical work on this, but the often-questionable The Truth About Cars has a very interesting 5-year report card on Cadillac’s “Art and Science” resurgence.

And apparently the stories about a V12 Cadillac Ubercar aren’t true. I wonder if AutoWeek will cop a blast for that one. I only wish all the stories about Cadillac were as baseless.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the reporters at that European dealer opening had made an audio or video tape recording of Lutz’ comments to prove him wrong? You’d think that reporters actually electronically record their interviews, don’t they? It’d be in Autoweek’s best interest to defend themselves by producing a recording.

    Happy birthday tomorrow (though that’s two days from now for me…)! In lieu of a greeting card can I send you money to your Swade to Sweden fund even though in a way it’d be self-serving? 🙂

  2. No need for that, Mike. Well wishes are more than enough. I’m not a big birthday kind of person. As a matter of fact, this birthday will be spent making my own dinner (the Mrs will be late from a work trip) and sitting down with my pooch to watch the opening of the football season here.

    Couldn’t think of a better way to spend it, actually (except it’d be great if the Mrs got home on time).

  3. Really enjoyed the RallyCross video. I really appreciate the race format with stages, then a final race among the winners on the same day. And Stig drives his 99 to the track with a 900 Turbo! That’s beyond cool.

  4. Just watched that rally video. I sure wish they put modern rallies on YouTube for those of us without TV coverage to watch. I’d also like to watch Per Eklund’s Swedish Rallycross exploits. I understand modern motorsport is too expensive for SAAB, but it’d be nice to cheer for a private SAAB team.

    The nice thing about the fact that Stig Blomqvist brought the C900 is that he could take home that huge wreath in the hatchback!

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