Time to get busy….

Got this in via email this morning.

Here’s an extra incentive to get the HDV camera out again…..




Lowe-Brinfors are the Swedish agency that create all those gorgeous Saab ads we like to look at. Lowe have been handling Saab’s ads for years now and it’s my personal opinion that they’ve done some outstanding work.

Maybe we should all set out to make a Saab ad during April. Or a bunch of Saab ads.

If they’re watching, it certainly can’t hurt to provide some ideas from the coalface.


And while we’re talking about what Saab and their associates are doing, or in this case not doing, I should note here on public record that I sent Saab Oz head honcho Parveen Batish an email with 10 questions on it over two weeks ago and am yet to receive a reply.

I’ll have to follow up on that one.

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  1. Great idea, I think. I mentioned it before, but I’ll be happy to reiterate it:

    I think it would be great see an ad that proposes the following question:

    Who was the first car company to bring out…

    Heated seats
    Ventilated seats
    Dual brake systems
    Asbestos-free brake pads
    CFC-free AC systems
    400hp engine on 100% bioethanol
    etc. etc. etc.

    Mercedes? BMW? Audi?

    Guess again.

    It’s Saab.

  2. Sounds great! I’ve seen you mention it before but it never gets old.

    One problem might be explaining to people what CFC and asbestos are hahaha.
    There are plenty of people that buy Audis, BMW, and Merc that don’t even know what asbestos is.

    Swade, you have that one video on youtube, we never got more parts to it? “Two Germs and a Swade ” It’s entertaining. The end is a bit different.

  3. I think it’d be mint if they had an ad where there was a BMW/Audi/Mercedes/Insert generic German brand here driving down the highway, and then a 9-5 Aero blasts by it like it was standing still with a jet sound effect. Then there’s an interior shot of the guy driving the Saab, and it’s dead silent, and he calmly grabs a cup of coffee out of the cup holder, takes a sip, and puts it back down.
    And then it could say something like “Fly First Class” or something.

  4. Good idea Matt, shame that for the UK they would have to remove the overtaking and the drinking coffee while the car is moving!!! and no I am not joking, we are not allowed to show speed as enjoyable in adverts. Anyone drinking coffe while driving would be fined as is the same for eating or using a non handsfree moblie phone.

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