Trollhattan Saab T-shirts for Europe

Ivan has finally received his new Viggen T-shirt from my new European supplier and he emailed me to let me know that it’s GOOD!

As you can see, Ivan’s a happy man. Not only is he wearing his new Trollhattan Viggen T-shirt – he’s wearing it in his new Viggen!!! Congratulations mate!



Here’s a closer picture of the actual print. Click to enlarge


These shirts are made by Spreadshirt in their German production house. As you can see the print is quite vibrant. This is because they use a technique called ‘flock printing’. The print is heat treated, velvety soft and very durable.


I’ve created a number of products using three different designs:

1) The Viggen logo

2) The UrSaab logo

3) The C900 logo

All of them use either flock print or flex print – a similar method but slick and smooth rather than soft and velvety. Just as durable and vibrant.

As mentioned, these are produced in Germany in order to minimise freight costs for anyone from Europe who might want one. Spreadshirt also have an operation in the US, however they’re setup is a little different and Ivan and I are working on formatting the files we need to suit their specifications.


All products have been marked up by €3, which is about $5 Aussie. And in case anyone’s wondering, the Viggen shirt costs more because of the two colors used in the print.

There’s 29 different products so far, even a couple for the ladies. Here’s a sample…..

One for the Swedes:


One for the Dutchies:


One for the ladies:


One for the old-timers:


One for the young old-timers:

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  1. Very nice shirts! But why are the choco-retro shirts only available in XL? I want one of those, but it will look like a tent if it’s only in XL… 🙂

  2. I’ve admired that elegant Viggen design since I discovered this site recently—it’s really very, very, sharp. (And so are the others)
    I’m certainly going to order a few when I return to Europe in several days time. I can just see myself sitting in my new Aero wearing one of these things—but as an undershirt— it’s all about understatement isn’t it? 😉

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