TS Wallpaper No. 3

It’s time for another Saab wallpaper.

This one’s from my very own driveway. A close-up of my Viggen’s wheel taken by TS’s resident lens genius, Stu.

Click the image to enlarge to the mammoth 24″ iMac size of 1920×1200 pixels. You should then be able to resize it to fit your needs.

To view all the TS Saab wallpapers, click here.

If you’ve got a great original photo of a Saab that you’d like to add to the collection then email me and let me know. The photo needs to be excellent and at least 1920×1200 in size.


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  1. Hey Swade – couldn’t you have polished up them lugs before snapping the pic?

    The Viggen wheel is my absolute favorite wheel in SAAB history!

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