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A few things have come in recently that I thought were worth passing on…


What Car? magazine runs a “Reliability Heroes and Villians” section every month, based on actual claims and reported by Warranty Direct.

The top Executive Car for the month was the Saab 9-5, with a mere 6 claims per 100. The results are for cars 3 years and older.


The same magazine features a section where people write in stating their new car needs, which are addressed with various options by the magazine’s panel.

This month the options presented by the panel were:

Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI SE Auto – List £24,970
BMW 320d SE Touring – List £26,165
SAAB 9-3 Sportwagon 1.9 TDi 120 Linear – List £20,830

The SAAB gave some ground to the Germans when it came to handling and performance but won the day based on practicality and presumably, value for money. Furthermore, WhatCar used their own test car as a basis for their evaluation. It’s an early 06 model TiD rated at 120hp. Our tipster, Jon, points out that they could have used an 07 Vector Sport model with 150hp and produced a more convincing win and still come under the others in terms of price.

Thanks Jon


ctm reports on some long-term testing done in Sweden by a car magazine there called Vi Bilägare. Every year they purchase cars like a regular customer and run for 40,000 kilometers. They do all the normal things a family would do with regular commutes, winter holidays, a drive down south on the continent etc etc.

Last year they included a 9-3 SportCombi in their testing and whilst it wasn’t top dog at the end of the year, it was their most trouble-free car with only basic servicing required for the entire “trip around the world”.

The final report, in Swedish, is here.

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