Whoa nelly!

Sorry for the delay in posting but I’ve just been reading a very entertaining transcript of a conversation that I hope to bring to you shortly.

Mike M, you’ll remember him from the 60th Anniversary event last month, spent an hour on the phone with Jan-Willem Vester, communications guru for Saab USA.

BioPower, Cadillac, Diesel, the SOC and a little on the MY08 9-3. It’s all there.

I just have to clear the decks and get editing…..

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  1. Can’t wait to hear some more information on the MY 08… hopefully it is information and not more pictures 😛

  2. Actually Talonderiel, SAAB USA did provide me with an official photo of the MY2008 9-3 refresh. See it at this link:

    I’m just kidding! I do that. I’m a kidder.

    Seriously though, it was a great conversation and I really appreciate Mr. Vester taking an hour out of his busy schedule to clear up some misconceptions we in the SAAB community may have had. He didn’t provide me any juicy “inside” info, I don’t think as I’m sure he likes his job and would like to keep it, but there were some things that were new to me. I’m sure Swade will tell all. I took meticulous notes, so it’ll take Swade quite a while to pull out what he wants to use.

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