Winding Road: Long Term 9-5 test

Winging Road, the online car magazine run by David E Davis, has added a Saab 9-5 SportCombi to their long-term test fleet.


Our host for this article, Steven Ewing, has some experience with 9-5 Wagons as his mother ran the test fleet at another publication and frequently drove a 9-5 Wagon from a previous generation. He’s therefore quite partial to the 9-5 and after a weekend in this one where he put on 460 or so miles, he retains that over-all favourable impression.

That car did everything I asked it to without hesitation, with the poise and performance that I would expect from a Saab. I couldn’t even feel any GM-influence with its overall driving dynamic — a quick, responsive turbocharged four-cylinder, tight and responsive handling, and enough torque steer to nearly send an unmindful driver back to square one in driver’s education. The 9-5 could weave its way around town at a decent pace, and highway performance was credible — I could feel the turbo kick in the seat of my pants, and the speedometer would climb at a remarkable clip.

There are some drawbacks. He’s not fond of the new styling and sees some areas of the car as somewhat dated, but it’s a good start and I’m sure the Saab will acquit itself well whilst it’s in their care.

I’ll be keeping an eye on things as they progress and letting you know when there’s any new instalments.

The first report can be found here.


Thanks to Frank A for the tip.

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  1. It’s a shame he doesn’t like the wood on the dash. I love the wood and hate this modern penchant for vile fake brushed aluminium that is really painted plastic. I hope the new 9-5 when it eventually turns up has a wood option.

    Wish i could have bought an Aero wagon for around $AU60,000.

  2. Paul, I reckon you just about could get one for $60K at the moment. Saab Oz aren’t moving much in terms of the 9-5 so I reckon they’d do backflips for someone serious.

  3. ’tis a bit late now. Maybe when the new one comes out…as long as it’s got a bit of wood on the dash:>)

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