1:43 scale Aero-X available


I got an email from Elkparts this morning informing me that around 66% of their considerable stock of the 1:43 scale model Aero-X was pre-sold on Day 1. Outstanding!!

If you haven’t ordered yours then it might be a good idea to get in quick…..this one’s quite popular.


The scale model we’ve all been waiting for is now on it’s way.

I mentioned seeing one on Ebay the other day. That one sold for £46.00!!

I’m pleased to let you know that Elkparts are getting the scale model Aero-X in stock soon and are now taking preorders at £29.99.


Please note: Your preorder won’t attract a charge to your credit card until the item is shipped. John is expecting stock to arrive either late April or early May and items are due to ship out from Elkparts on May 7.

The Elkparts Aero-X scale model page is located here.

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  1. Yup.

    I posted that link in the other blog entry as soon as I got the email from elkparts 🙂 Not before putting in an order for one myself of course 🙂 🙂 :). Looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Robin,

    Hello. Where did you hear that the 9-7x would be available soon? I saw on 43r.com that it was available in November of 2005 and here it is April of 2007.

  3. hi SG
    the aero x and the 9-7x have always been “available soon” on the site mentioned. I did a bit of surfing and there are other companies out there waiting for deliveries of the 9-7x in black (not silver as on the norev site) and taking pre-orders. I beleive they cant make us wait too much longer as they have teased us for so long now. I have my fingers crossed that now we have the aero x the 9-7x will follow soon. robin.

  4. Just FYI, as this is my first post, I ordered the Aero-x 1/43 from the USA Saab site for only $31.00. I received it within 4 days. They have a tally as to how many they still have in stock. They go fast as two days ago, on 5/24, they had 273 and as of right now, Saturday evening 5/26 the ticker says 202. Still enough to go around. I saw the one on Ebay too, I even made a bid, but it turned out to be a fake listing, removed by ebay.

    Recently (5/19) I took a chance and ordered the only 9-7x (black) in stock from a Japanese website, and supposedly it’s on its way. I couldn’t wait any longer.

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