9000 Aero love

It’s always good to see someone get a car they’ve dreamed of getting. It’s a great feeling. I managed to do it myself around 18 months ago and HAL_9000 managed to go one better just recently.

As a young fella, Hal_9000 dreamed of getting a 9000CS and it took him 15 years to do so. It only took another 12 months or so for that dream to be ruined by a light truck that crashed into it and wrote it off.

A replacement arrived just a few weeks ago:

It is a stock UK spec (albeit with US indicators) 1996 model Saab 9000 CS Aero which I have owned for a few weeks now. The ability to complete overtaking manoeuvres is devastating and the Aero seats are a revelation!

A very nice replacement indeed!

Congratulations on the replacement, just stay away from those trucks, OK?




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  1. Looks great! I think it’s kind of funny that European drivers want the US indicators and US drivers want European indicators. I’d love a set of European indicators (real ones, not the cheesy eBay ones) for my US-spec 9-5.

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