9000 Aero lovin 2

The month of 9000 love is rapidly coming to an end (6 hours to go here in Oz) but I’ve received a few late entries.

I wrote yesterday about Nevitz trading his 9-2x in and getting a 9-3 SportCombi, something he’d been thinking of for a while and was quite excited about. Well, this is another recent purchase story. Seems like everyone’s upgrading their Saabs!!

Frequent visitors to this site would have seen Saaboy in comments. He’s a young bloke from San Diego and he’s recently added this 9000 Aero to the family home.

It wasn’t a simple acquisition either. I had to travel to pick up my Viggen, a journey that even involved an overnight ferry. Despite this is was only about 600km as the crow flies. Saaboy had to travel to Chicago to have a look at this one as there were few 9000 Aeros in Cali, or nearby, and none with a manual gearbox.

The car’s got 86,000 miles on it and needs a little work and TLC, but I’m sure Saaboy’s going to have it smelling like roses in no time. And yeah, he LOVES those seats.

Check out the front plate. Imagine that one in your rear-view!






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