9000 Aero lovin – Part 3

The final 9000 entry is with us, and it’s PG’s 9000 Aero, shot in the open country around Bozeman, Montana.

This car also featured as a SOTW calendar model last year.

Thanks for the pics, PG, and thanks to everyone who participated in the month of 9000 lovin. It’s been a hoot.





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  1. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen a white Aero… looks GREAT! Wow, I really like that.”

    Then take a look in the archives for mine.;)
    I think white’s the best color out there for a 9000.

  2. Seeing how it’s still April in North America, I want to toss in some last-minute Aero lovin. I posted a link to this site back in mid-April in the “9000 production” entry but I was late to the party so it may have gone unnoticed. A gentleman by the name of Robert Alimi built a great 9000 Aero tribute page. It’s getting a bit stale (last update – April 2002) but the info is still relevant. Note in particular the US sales numbers on the “Features” page.


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