9000 Airflow lovin

Ever tried to find info on Saab’s Airflow kit? There ain’t much out there.

I found some installation instructions for it here but general information about the years and models for which it was available is pretty hard to come by. Having said that, I’m sure someone’s got a link at hand that they can drop into comments.

This 9000 Airflow is from local Saabnut Drew B’s collection. It’s looking all nice and shiny as it’s soon going to be leaving his collection. Drew acquired the car from another local (seen around here as Saabill) in exchange for a 99 Turbo that Bill had his eyes on.

It’s a 1989 model and is looking pretty darn good right now.




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  1. Nice. I can tell you one thing — that body kit wasn’t ever available in the US. The 1st gen 9k got the everybody-gets-grey plastic jobs just like the C900. 2nd gen got the body color kits.

    I’ve always liked those wheels, too. Those and the five-spoke (sometimes referred to as ‘square spoke’) wheels are underrated in my book.

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