9000 Carlsson lovin

Today’s 9000 lovin instalment comes to us from right here in Tasmania.

I’ve featured Bill’s stable of Saabs here before. He’s got a bunch of ’em and the collection’s grown even more since that first entry was done. Bill’s now cornered the market on Saab 99s and has a few 900s and this 9000 Carlsson as well.

I think when I first met Bill, which was on the day these photos (below) were taken, he had this Carlsson, a 1993 900 Turbo and a 9000 Airflow. He’s now got the 99 Turbo in the background and another one just like it (my old one), a 99 EMS and a bunch of others too numerous to mention. Word is there might be a two-stroke on the way, too.

The photos below were taken at Baskerville Raceway here in Hobart at a driver training day our car club participated in a few years ago.

I’ve always loved the Carlsson 9000, and this action shot shows why. It’s a great looking car, especially in red.




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  1. GM listen? Hello… they are a deaf mute and have done nothing but strangle SAAB…No real new product in their reign and no real new product for at least the forseeable future.

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