9000 design lovin

Vector220 sent me this one. Pardon the slight fuzziness, but I think you’ll get the point.

One of these cars is around 10 years older than the other one. If you didn’t know what they were, could you tell?

The Saab 9000 isn’t my favourite Saab design (and before you get all hairy about me saying that, I have one in my driveway, OK), but it’s definitely holding it’s age. Much better than what this Volkswagen will, at least.


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  1. The point about the design holding its age is a good one. In my opinion, Saab designs have had a timeless nature to them, and seem to grow more beautiful as they age gracefully. I’m worried about the new designs though. I’m not unhappy with them, but I don’t see them standing out from the crowd, offering new ideas and/or functionality(except the Aero and the 9X concept which won’t be produced).
    I guess time will tell, and I sure hope the Autoblog juveniles, err bloggers, are wrong.

  2. I would like if I could get more hairy(on top of my head) because of you saying that for my favorite Saab. 😉

    I agree. The old Saab design is looking very good today even though it is 10 or more years old. There aren’t that many brands out there, that one could say the same thing about.

  3. Not to put you down guys… But the 9000CS came out in 1992 and the Passat in 1996… So it´s only 4 years were talking about and not 10.
    No, no, get me right. I absolutely love the 9000CS and I´ve owned 2 of them. (9000CSE 2,3t and…. yeah…. 9000CSE 2,3t.. both Embassy blue….;-D) But the Passat design is not all that old i comp. It´s a crap car with hard seats, lots of problems with, electrics, AC system and chassie…
    The design (an the car itself)of the Passat is boooooooring but…..


  4. My wife and I were out yesterday and saw a 1999 Saab 9-5, you know, the kinda with the silver grill and the actual word “SAAB” on the top left of the trunk? She said, “Is that one of the new ones?” I explained it was 4 years older than hers, she was stunned.

    These designs, 9000 or otherwise, are still beautiful.

    I think the auto industry craves redesigns more than us actual Saabists do.

  5. Umm… The passat in the picture is at least a 2001. That is when that facelift for the passat was introduced, so yeah, that’s around 10 years.

    I agree with nevitz. Why did the 9-5 have to have a face lift so often? It looked great originally. Then, it looked not so great in MY02-03. Then it looked its best in MY04-05. And now it looks… yeah.

  6. I kinda disagree with the 9000 looking timeless, I always thought it looked like it was from the 80s.. (sorry!).

    However I always had compliments on my ng900 with people asking me if it was new and wouldn’t believe that it was a ’94 (with a new grill). Imho I think the 9-5 and the 9-3 hatch have some of the most lasting designs that Saab have put out.

  7. Tompa: Yeah, I know that is what you meant, but I do not think it is unreasonable to call that a 2001 passat, espcially since the comparison is concerned with the appearance of the vehicles and how well they aged. Would you call the looks of a 2007 9-5 a 1998 design?

    Yeah, people always mistake my 1995 900 for a brand new car. This is definitely a compliment to the vehicles timeless styling, but more importantly, what does this say about the general publics awareness of the saab brand? This frequent mistake is only possible if they have no clue what the current line up is and looks like. But I’m sure they know that saab was BORN FROM JETS!!!!!

  8. Tompa, I realize the point you make regarding model introductions… but the 9000 series was introduced in, what, 1986? And the updates to the styling came in (mildly) 1991, and then with the “CS” style in ’92/’93. So, if you go with model introductions, as you did, then you need to add about 8 years to the Saab’s history.

    I hope I am understanding you correctly.

    My ’93 Aero has been mistaken for a “new” car as recently as last year. I don’t think it’s particularly modern, but I also don’t think it ever looked contemporary, even when new. But, it’s distinctive, and that I like.



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