Aero-X in Singapore

I mentioned a few days ago that the Aero-X would be making its way to Singapore soon for a display there.

Regular TS commenter Seth7even has managed to track down some more details given that he’s in the region (more on that in a moment).

From Seth:

I called the dealer in Singapore and here are the details:

The Aero-X will be showing from May 11-13. On May 11 there is a private showing, which I am not sure what it includes. May 13 was stated to be the public showing, inside the dealer showroom.

I further inquired about the private showing on May 11, and they said for access or information to email

This is the dealer that is handling the event:

Saab, City Centre Showroom
12 Sungei Kadut Avenue, Singapore 729648
Ph : +65 6363 3003 ; Fax : +65 6369 3003

I wish I could make it to the event but I have friends visiting me at the time, so I don’t think it will be possible, unless I can persuade them to take a trip to Singapore :).

I start persuading if I were you, Seth. The Aero-X is that good up close.


Seth’s on a 10 month work trip in Thailand and he also sent me this nice perspective piece on the Saab Club there:

I also wanted to tell you about the Saab Club of Thailand ( since I didn’t see it listed on the blog.

I’m from the states, and I am spending 10 months in Thailand working. When I got here back in August I immediately searched for a Saab club and found these guys. They were very welcoming and invited me to one of their club meetings.

There were all sorts of Saabs there, from 9-5 Aeros to c900s. There was an abundant amount of ng900s, particularly because of a body kit that is widely available through the dealership there. It very closely resembles a Viggen kit, and since the Viggen was either extremely limited or unavailable in Thailand, this kit is highly desired.

If you poke around their forum (which is mostly in Thai which I can’t read) you can see those guys do a LOT of modifications to their cars, and they look fantastic. I also found the members to be very similar to club members I’ve met back home.. all independent, creative, and free thinking people. Saab enthusiasts are truly alike worldwide.

I attached two photos, one is a photo with the club founder and myself, they were generous enough to give me a T-shirt! The other is the engine bay of a ng900, apparently the fastest Saab in Thailand with around 450hp!

Great to hear – Saab fans truly are alike all around the world.

Here are Seth’s photos, and welcome to the sidebar, Saab-Scot.




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