Aero-X Movie – Stunning!


I’m putting this back at the top as it’s SO GOOD that everyone that visits the front page ought to see it straight up at the beginning.


This is very, very classy.

Joseph Kosinski is a young film director living in LA.

“Blackbird” is a short film featuring the Aero-X. It’s all cgi stuff but it Looks. So. Good. It’s only a minute or so in length, but the imagery is just magnificent.

I’m unsure as whether this was done at Saab’s request, or if it’s a private initiative, but it’s fantastic. I hope Saab do get to present it somewhere, somehow.

The website is all Flash-based so I can’t provide a direct link, but go to Kosinki’s website, click on the “work” tab at the top and then look for SAAB Blackbird.

I’m off to watch it again.

And again….

And again….


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  1. OMG! If this is not enough of a reason for Saab to build this vehicle then there is truly no effort that any person could make that could. Joseph Kosinski, my hat is off to you–this was brilliant!

  2. The fact that they show a sporty concept car in a snowy landscap is really clever. I can’t remember having seen it before. It really build the brand identity. And this movie is great!

  3. What is this kind of movie called? Animation? What might one study or practice to be able to produce the ‘driving’ segment of this video? Looks beautiful…

  4. this is the correct way to attract potential buyers, not with the ‘saab was founded by 16 aircraft engineers…’
    a strong image and smooth atmosphere and lovely motion graphics, that’s what the saab brand identity diserves.

  5. I agree with Joti, what a fantastic way to boost the brand’s identity. Too bad Saab doesnt think this stuff up…

  6. Looks to me like the kind of promo that would be used in Cinema advertising. It would be the ideal brand awareness raiser.

    As for the car – I read that Alfa cut their advertising budget to fund the 8C Competizione and use the car as a halo model to attract press attention and from what I hear they were pleased with the results. SAAB please take note.

    PS just for my own knowledge, if the Aero X was to go ahead have SAAB confirmed they can actually build the car? ( or at least something close to it) the TT, Range Rover Sport and Boxter were not totally faithful to the concept cars as for legal and financial they were impossible to build as per the show cars.

  7. i wanna live in _that_ world!

    the flow of the video is brillant and compelling, as are the “ensemble” and the “storyline.”

    …another example of how the aero-x imbues a transcendent quality. it’s more of an “escape” (or vacation from the banal) than it is a “tool” for getting from point “a” to point “b.” i think saab should capture that spirit in its design language, both inside and out, as much as possible.

    cool, fresh, sophisticated, witty, and eloquent. those are the types of things i want to feel about the brand.

    this video should be on a big flat-screen tv in all saab showrooms!

  8. I just took a look at the “gears of war” commercial for xbox 360. The last half, to third, of that clip actually aired as a commercial a couple of months back. Do you think xbox payed him for it?

  9. I wish Saab still had some balls to take a risk and build something like this. The comment about the Alfa 8C comparison is right on, Saab needs a halo car to inspire a new generation of SAAB enthusiasts. SAAB, GM, don’t castrate yourself to save a few bucks…..

  10. Wonderful!

    Looks awesome. If only Saab would build it!

    That car would sell on looks alone!

    And sod it being a halo car, I want to be able to buy it and drive it 🙂 400bhp, £40K-£45K, come on Saab, you know it makes sense! Even if we lose the the way the canopy opens, and have conventional doors, it would STILL sell like anything.

    This car would catapult Saab over the German marques in one fell swoop, none of them have something to compete in style, sense and cool, not now, and not in the near future.

    Dagnabbit, I am so wanting this car built, I’d go to GM and have words with Mr Lutz right now if it was possible!

  11. Kaz, the great thing about the Alfa is that it is on sale, although in limited numbers. The X can be a halo car and something you can drive.
    I would suggest limitng the number built though, always leave the crowd wanting more.

    I would still like to know if they can build it (I agree the canopy will not make it) but I would rather it stayed a concept than be a compromised let down like the Range Rover Sport was.

  12. The cool thing is that the Aero-x, if built, would be a success as a halo model. Lose the canopy, but keep the blacked out pillars, 400hp (or more!) twin turbo E85 engine, XWD, and you have a 50-60k car. While it wouldnt sell in droves, it would sell quite well. Saab has the brand cache to pull of a car of that league, and they have the design and engineering expertise to do it. GM needs to pull their head out of their ass and give them the resources to do it, boosting the brand image, and infusing excitement and money into the brand again. To the automotive world, Saab is boring, and the Aero X is exactly what we need to shake that off forever.

  13. Anybody know of any really cool scifi movies that are in development? SAAB needs to get the X into a really great film. The launch car can be driven to the premier. Think of the PR.

    Bond is out (not sci fi either) but imagine Casino Royale with an Aero X doing barrel rolls instead of the Aston. Maybe a Chase scene in Logans run if it gets made?

  14. sethsev7n: one problem is I don’t think SAAB really HAS the engines they advertise in their concepts. They’re theoretical engines on paper. The Aero-X concept mockup doesn’t really contain the 400 horsepower E85 engine they claim. Swade had an insider confirm this. There’s just a regular SAAB engine in there. Ever wonder why you never see the hood open?

    Same with the BioPower 100 I’d suspect. All the specs they advertise are POSSIBLE on paper, probably. But they don’t actually have a 400 bhp Aero-X model they could put on a track to show off its power or a 300 horsepower BioPower 100, I’d suspect.

    It’s all marketing and exaggeration.

    The Aero-X was a one-off carbon-fiber shelled car that cost over $1M to make. I don’t think it’s based on any GM platform (though there were rumors it was based on a Corvette platform). Where could they produce a production version of the Aero-X? Just keep it hand-built? It’d cost a lot more than $50-60K even in mass production. Those unique gauges alone have got to cost a pretty penny.

  15. Concerning the engine, Yes the Aero X has just an older V6 from a 9000 i think, but either way that engine doesn’t exist. Honestly though if it wasnt feasible to produce that engine, they could take an engine from anywhere in the GM lineup for all I care, added turbocharging isn’t a complete retool and ethanol compatibility is easy. Take the corvette engine for all I care, as long as you can add twin turbos to it.

  16. Does anyone know the name of the song? Website states remix Kozinski, but doesn’t mention a name and I don’t think he wrote/produced the song.

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