AMS predict a 9-4x reveal in June

Thanks to ctm for sending me this one.


Auto Motor and Sport have published an article (link in Swedish) which apparently claims that the 9-4x may be revealed at the Saab Festival in June 2007.

I wouldn’t comprehensively rule out a reveal of an early mock up version of the 9-4x to stir up some public interest, but I’m quite sure that the big reveal planned for June 10th will be the new 9-3.

The reasoning?

1) The mock-ups we’ve seen.

2) The tooling that’s been ordered

3) Every other darn thing that’s been mentioned in the MY08 9-3 category of this blog.

There is one other reason, too.

Starting the day after the Festival, Monday June 11, Saab Sweden are going to be hosting a three-week press event.

I’m fairly knew to all this, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t hold a three-week long event for an unfinished vehicle that wasn’t yet at it’s best.


I’ll be quite happy to be wrong, but I expect to see an unveiling of the 9-4x at the Frankfurt Motor show in September at the earliest.


By the way, check out the picture at AMS at the link above.

Looks a lot like this one, don’t it? Once again, no link love from the big boys.

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  1. The big thing i this article is that there is a posibility for a 9-4X “concept-car” to be shown at the Saabfestival alongside the facelifted 9-3. They see the 9-3 as confirmed but maybe there is some moore waiting to be unleashed…

  2. I highly doubt the 3 week press event will be only for the 9-3 refresh and maybe some other minor announcements. I definitely expect to see the 9-4x unveiling, and praying for a production model aero-x ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. According to Saab there will be approx 600 journalist from all over the world testdriving the updated 9-3 beginning the 11/6. After that dealers will get their chance to take it out for a spin. Could take a long long time to go through all those people… But Iยดm hoping they will get to testdrive the 9-4X concept too.
    It is also official that Saab will release pressmaterial on the 9-3 in the middle of may.


  4. Saab Australia spent two weeks doing the press days for the BioPower and diesel models, and that was just for Australian and New Zealand journos.

  5. To me it is obvious that that article was just created after the journo had been browsing The article is just a summary of the information that has been provided on this blog and does not contain any news…. Considering that Swade showed the JAJ article yesterday, the journo wanted to write about that one but beefed it up with some further speculations.

    I think swade is right. The 9-3 at teh saab festival followed by the 9-4 in frankfurt (or at a different auto show, maybe detroit next year considering that that will be the main market, or maybe that is when the final car will be presented?)

  6. While it’s got to be frustrating to have your material “borrowed” without giving you due credit, it’s got to be flattering that an automobile magazine in SAAB’s own home country (for now…) of Sweden is having to go to a ‘blog from Tasmania for the latest breaking news!

    I’m just surprised at Tompa’s info above about SAAB releasing press kits in May on the new 9-3. I don’t know the usual M.O., but isn’t that a little soon? How are they going to sell 2007 models between May and September (or whenever the MY2008 comes out)?

    Well, I guess that’s good news for anyone hoping to snap-up a MY2007 before then at a huge discount! Maybe I can finally afford a 9-5! Wait… no. ๐Ÿ™

  7. Gripen.

    M.Y. 2008 cars will be on sale from September onwards. The following M.Y. vehicles usually start hitting the road at around that time.

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