April T-shirt news

Still no offers in place for Spreadshirt Europe, but….

In March, Spreadshirt US were offering 25% off everything provided you had the right promotional code. This month the offer’s not quite so good, but if you like Baseball Tees then it’s worth checking out.

This month, Spreadshirt US are offering a whopping 21% off the price of all Baseball Tees, which means you can get a TS Baseball Tee like the one below for $21.65 instead of the usual $27.40.

As you can see, there’s a promotional code for this item that you have to enter on the order form when you order. The codes are as follows:

For US shoppers: FASTBALL

For Canadian shoppers: CADFASTBALL

Here’s a look at some of the TS Baseball Tees. To visit the North American shop, just click the banner above.




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