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For those of you that haven’t heard about it, the AudioTroll is a device developed by Carl Levine of Granite Embedded Systems in the US. It’s purpose is as an interface between your iPod and your Saab. Get your AudioTroll set up and it’ll charge your iPod whilst controlling and playing your music through your Saab’s audio system AND you get the song title and artist displayed on your SID.

I’ve deliberately kept a low profile on this new little piece of technology. Watching the bulletin boards at Granite Embedded Systems I was aware of the difficulties Carl was having with the issues discussed below and didn’t want to push the device too much until he’d stopped pulling his hair out with the 9-5 bugs he had to deal with.

It’s all covered in this press release. For more info on the AudioTroll, go check out the Granite Embedded Systems website.


Granite Embedded Systems to resume shipment of AudioTroll media integration systems — M04/05 to ship without title/artist info initially.

After quite the beleaguered initial product launch, GES is proud to announce that the initial orders of AudioTroll systems will be fulfilled in the coming weeks. The latest slew of delays were attributed to certain models of Saab 9-5 exhibiting an erroneous airbag warning lamp, as well as a 120-ohm termination resistor, which was left out of the initial hardware design. In the interest of safety for all motorists who had ordered the device, shipping was halted as more intensive testing and re-engineering of software took place.

One issue that could not be remedied, but continues to be of importance is the display of artist and title information on M04 and M05 Saab 9-5 models. Due to the simplification and streamlining of firmware in these respective vehicles’ SID units, the number of available Controller Area Network (CAN or I-bus) message ID’s had been cut down. GES is working with GME engineers/contractors in Trollhättan, Sweden to hopefully allow this attractive feature to return. GES will replace any AudioTroll purchased for one of these aforementioned 9-5’s at no charge when a solution is met.

GES encourages those who already received their AudioTroll units to send them back for a free
reprogramming and installation of the termination resistor. Carl Levine, the owner of GES, will be in attendance at Springtime In Sweden (April 28th – Amherst, New Hampshire), Saabs at Carlisle 2007 (May 18-20 – Carlisle, Pennsylvania), Saab Festival 2007 (June 7th-10th – Trollhättan, Sweden) and the 25th Annual Saab Owners’ Convention (August 23rd-26th – Troy, Michigan) to answer any questions, demonstrate AudioTroll or service non-retrofitted units.

Finally, orders placed after 1/1/2007 have been pushed back due to the logistics of fixing the
aforementioned issues and should ship mid-late May.


This is a very attractive and clever piece of kit, so I hope those 9-5 bugs do get straightened out soon and I hope Carl is suitably rewarded for all his hard work.

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  1. I live in Amherst, NH… What is this springtime in Sweden event…? I haven’t heard of it, this unit sounds like it’s worth a look though.

  2. wow, I know alot of people that knew tim and kyle and their family… never knew about this event, thanks for the link SG!

  3. Sorry if I’ve missed it in past strings, but what is the current market offering for ’07 MY9-3s in terms of i-pos integration. I am aware I have a jack plug under the armrest but understand this does not allow anything other than the sound to be volume controlled (i.e. no SID info or track selction?).

    Hopefully this is being addressed in the MY’06 9-3 😉 which btw as I thought is just a chrome-job and introduces edges which are looks out of keeping with the curves of the current 9-3 – change for change’s sake I reckon! But hey, that’s only my humble opinion – I have 19 months to run with my MY06 SC so maybe I’mm just making myself feel better 😉

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