Aussie Sales Data – March 2007

Sales data for the Australian market has come through and they’re grinning like crazy down in Port Melbourne today!!

Saab Australia sold 252 vehicles during March 2007, which is a 45.7% rise over the same month in 2006 (173 units sold). This is the second-highest monthly total in the last 15 months, eclipsed only by 281 units sold in June last year.

Saab Oz has now sold 524 vehicles for the year, which is a 17.8% rise from the 449 vehicles sold Jan-Mar 2006.

I’ll be contacting Saab Oz shortly to pass on my congratulations and see what the big mover was – my hope being that the 9-3 Diesel campaign finally started to bite and take hold.

We’ll see.


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  1. sorry but diesels suck. It uses less petrol/diesel and thats about it. Everything else is worse. Emissions, Sound, “revs”…
    Ethanol and perhaps Hybrid is the way to go, BUT NOT DIESEL!!!

  2. Hey swade, perhaps it has something to do with the fact they’ve actually been advertising!

    amazing what a bit of budget does huh.

  3. Diesels rule. Instant torque, no need to rev the engine to high heaven to get it to move. Sound isn’t annoying except for a few minutes on a cold winter morning. Getting twice the distance on one tank of fuel. Emissons with particle filters isn’t that bad, in Sweden alot of the newer deisels are classed as “environmentally friendly”…

  4. So, can we now blame Swade for something good here or should we simply give credit where it’s due ??? When you have something new to sell that you promote with advertisements in the press, TV, magazines, billboards etc etc you end up selling it. No rocket science and no brainer. Why couldn’t this be done previously though ??? Where there is no will there will be no result and change. I hope Saab OZ really keeps it up since anything they do with good promotion and marketing, it sells. Why not Hirsch then ????
    No will on that one.

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