Automobile Mag looks to the future asks….

Does anyone remember when Saab was truly a Swedish car company? Does anybody care?

More than you know. More than you know.


I don’t know who their sources are, but Automobile’s made some quite tasty predictions about Saab’s future lineup. Hit the link above for the full bug, but the tastiest morsels are as follows:

Saab 9-3

To provide greater variety, GM is developing two separate body widths as well as variations in suspension layout, wheelbase, and electronics. For instance, while the volume brands use a strut-type front suspension and a four-link rear suspension, Saab gets control arms all around.


Saab 9-5

“Air Suspension” and AWD will be offered.


Saab 9-4x

There also will be a new range of turbocharged gasoline engines with an auxiliary 30-hp electric motor that compensates for turbo lag, provides short-distance zero-emissions mobility, and could even act as a part-time four-wheel-drive system to propel the rear wheels


Saab 9-1

Two(three?) door hatchback and four(five?) door wagon styles. Due in 2011.


That there’s some heavy prognosticating. Here’s hoping they’re right, though a 4-year lead time for the 9-1 just seems like forever in this modern day and age. Really.

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  1. I think that the wagon is the best seller in certain markets. E.g Sweden where the majority are wagons.

    The only thing I am missing is more versions of the existing lineup (i.e cross overs etc). Should not be that expensive and look at olvov, they have sold far better than they expected of the XC’s.

  2. Regarding the 9-4X the four year development cycle you mention is if you were counting from TODAY. As far as I know they’ve been working on the 9-4X since before the 9-6X was even canceled, I believe! This is FAR too long a development cycle for a modern car manufacturer. Perhaps their resources have been stretched too thin with SAAB engineers working on other GM projects?

    There are cars which have gone from concept to production in like less than two years using modern computer-aided design software. I know SAAB doesn’t want to rush a product to market prematurely, but sheesh!

  3. The Aussie Holden Monaro (pontiac gto?)went from a 4 door sedan to a 3 door coupe in less than 6 months.It can and should be done with SAAB

  4. The 9-4x is to get “an available third-row seat” – fantastic!!!

    Saab so need a 3-row model in the line-up as the modern mum and dad increasingly share runs with other parents and often need to take 4 or 5 kids to school, scouts, sports, whatever. I have seen some ‘snobiness’ aroun d the 3rd row issue on this site before which I think neglects the reality of modern family life, not to mention Saab’s pioneering 95 model with threar-facing seats – a classic of course.

    If there was a 3 row model in the line-up then I could replace my wifes Vauxhall (Opel) Zafira, which is by the way a very versatile and practical car but suffers from appalling dealer service, with a 9-4x which would look much nicer alongside my 9-3SW šŸ˜‰

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