Big 9000 love in Texas

Well, everything’s big in Texas, isn’t it?

This is the first of the driver-supplied 9000 pics and stories and it comes to us courtesy of David W:

I had a brand new 93 9000 CDE turbo. It was my very first SAAB . Despite the numerous electronic gremlins, I would really like to have that car back today. I currently have an 03 9-3 SS (Linear, 175 hp, manual) that I love and that has been much better than the 9000 was. However, it was such a beautiful car inside and out. Until my current 9-3, I had not sat in more comfortable seats than this. I loved the rich wood dash and all the buttons. I have had various cars since this, but came back to SAAB and will most likely stay, providing GM does not mess things up.

I have enclosed a pic of it. It was Ruby Red with taupe leather.

My Beagle, Hillary, is still with me 14 years on.



One of the things about the month of Saab 9000 love (like the 9-5, 9-3/900 and 99 months before it) is that it needs to be shared. If you’ve got a 9000, or had a 9000, then please feel free to email me your images and stories.

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