‘Blackbird’ follow up

I shot off a quick email last night to Joseph Kosinski, the director of the Saab Blackbird short film featuring the Saab Aero-X.


The reaction to the film was just outstanding and I wanted to thank him for doing it, for posting it and congratulate him on doing such a great job.

To my surprise, there was a short response in my inbox this morning.

Thanks Steven, I appreciate it…I’m hoping that SAAB picks this spot up and runs it on air or in theaters…they have such a cool brand with so much potential…J


Prior to getting this reply, I also emailed SaabUSA just to ask of this was a Saab initiative or if there are any plans to pick it up.

no replyon that one yet, but we can wait in hope.


I think it’d be just brilliant to have this clip showing on cinema screens around the time of the MY2008 9-3. The car is supposed to have some strong Aero-X cues, so advertising using the Aero-X won’t be off the mark.

Of course, Saab do have their advertising contracts with Lowe etc. I don’t know how this would play out against that in the real world, but it’d just be a real shame to lose such a brilliant piece of creativity that shows the best of the brand in such a smart, creative and sophisticated way.

Here’s hoping that smarts win the day.

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  1. I think the contract to Lowe’s is only through SAAB Global. SAAB USA has a different firm they go through and I believe I read they were looking for to hire a new firm in the Detroit area which was going through hard times right now or something.

    That’s why in the USA SAAB has “Born From Jets” whereas it’s “Move Your Mind” in ROW. BFJ is enormously successful, quickly shooting up into the top 10 of most-recognized auto company slogans.

    As awesome as that Aero-X ad would be and how it would raise brand awareness, I’m not sure SAAB should use it. It would only confuse people. Imagine peoples’ confusion when they go to their SAAB dealer to buy that car they saw in the commercial only to be told the car only exists in concept form (and that the one in the commercial was completely CGI) and won’t be produced.

  2. perhaps, with an adequate disclaimer, the “saab. blackbird” commercial could withstand a claim of “bait and switch.”

    (there’s just gotta be a way for the commercial to be used by saab. it’s the best i’ve seen.)

    i like “born from jets,” too, but let’s face it, sales are down double digits from this time last year and the brand really needs more excitement and/or better recognition. the aero-x is iconic and can target those issues. saab needs to capitalize on that because of the “rippling” effect it’ll have on the rest of the brand. “blackbird” could make quite a splash.

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