Bring Back the McHatch!

Ah, the joys of having Easter Tuesday as a day off! I hope you all get the same.


This has got to be a BRING BACK THE HATCH special:

New York State Police say someone stole a statue of Ronald McDonald and they want it back. Troopers say they’re investigating the larceny of a 7-foot tall statue that was taken from a storage area behind the McDonald’s on Cedar Street in Southport. Surveillance video shows a Saab hatch back in the lot at around 1 A.M. on March 24th.

Authorities say they believe someone in this car was seen taking the statue, which was stored next to the dumpsters.

Sounds like a couple of kids on a university scav hunt or something similar. All just a little rambunctious fun…. but wait, there’s more:

State police have recovered a seven-foot-tall statue of Ronald McDonald stolen in late March from a McDonald’s restaurant on Cedar Street in the town of Southport.

Following tips that came in after the story was first reported in local media, troopers recovered the statue from a residence in the City of Elmira on Monday and turned the statue over to McDonald’s management.

State police arrested two male youths in connection with the theft and charged them with petit larceny. Additional charges are pending. The two suspects will answer the charges in Southport Town Court at a later date.


I’m not one to condone the removal of someone’s property without permission, but surely a stern talking to by one of Mayor McCheese’s deputies would be enough to make these young Hamburglars Grimace! The Yao-sized Ronald was being stored by the dumpsters, after all.

And just to prove the cargo-carrying-capacity of the Saab – these kids hauled Ronald off with just the aid of the Saab. How is the McStatue getting back to it’s rightful owners?

The state Department of Transportation assisted with transporting the statue back to McDonald’s.

Yes! A whole state DOT is required to match the versatility of one little Swedish automobile.

You want fries with that?

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