Dinner at SaabFestival

Oh boy! The whole thing’s just getting closer and closer!

News has come in via email from Ryan that tickets for the Saturday night dinner at the Saab Festival are now available for booking.

The dinner will be one of the feature events of the festival, along with the track day, the new car unveiling, the parts market……..actually, just being there will be incredible.

From the website:

After an exhausting day at the race track we head home to wash the brake dust off and to prepare for the anniversary banquet (informal style) that will take place in Trollhättan Saturday night. Where we naturally will be served a nice meal but also will get plenty of opportunities to discuss about the day’s adventures. Besides, there will be a good chance for you to meet some of all the invited Saab celebrities that will be given a lot of focus during the evening.

At this point, the booking section is on the Swedish version of the site only. Click here and look for the yellow box that says “Boka biljetter”, which is Swedish for “here’s the spot where you get your tickets for the dinner”.


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  1. How is the moneycollecting going? Is the trip to sweden booked? I hope you can come Sweden is a great country IMHO

  2. Picking up my JL Race Kit at my dealer today it was indicated that the Black Turbo has been tested by visiting dealers at this event and it is AWESOME!
    BMW M3 look out, looks like a MY2009 intro.

  3. ebbot,

    I’m booked in and will be arriving a few days before the festival. Can’t wait. Fundraising went well and provide about 75% of my airfare, which has been a huge help.

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