Djup Strupe and the 9-3

Time for a little bit of Djup Strupery.

There’s one really interesting thing about that set of 9-4x photos and it ain’t the vehicle on the back of the truck. It’s the CGI image.

A source within GM tells me that that particular CGI is a 95%-plus accurate representation of ………..the front of the MY08 Saab 9-3.

The air dams at the front will be a little more rounded and substantial but other than that, from what I’ve been told this is very, very similar to what we should see in June this year. I’d imagine the proportions will be slightly different as the 9-3 will have a lower profile, but that’s just me. There’s also the conflict between this and the clamshell look of the hood in the spyphotos….

So take a good look at this face. You might be seeing a lot more of it.



Other things mentioned:

The Black Turbo project is a definite starter with a predicted rating in the order of 300 to 325 horsepower. Still no definite word as far as I know about whether or not Black Turbo is an actual model name, or just an internal one. Personally, I hope they call it a Viggen.

The production timetable for the next few years is told to me as follows:

1.) 2008 9-3 – Summer 2007 – No surprise
2.) 2008 9-3 AWD – Late Fall 2007
3.) Black Turbo – Early Spring 2008
4.) 20″ Wheels – 9-7X -2008 model year
5.) Late Summer/Early Fall 2008 – 9-4X
6.) And sadly – 9-5 Early Spring 2009
7.) Wild Cards – 2010-2011 sub 9-3 range , Hybrid 9-3.

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  1. Now to find 120k between now and Early Spring 2008 (Autumn our time).

    I gots to git me one of them Black Turbos so’s the Viggen can have a garage mate…. Now all’s a gots to do is to git me a second garage!

    I’ve got a heap of Starwars cards from when I was a kid. It’s a great collection and it’s for sale. Say…..120k?

  2. I have two questions. Where are the lines of the hood for this car? It doesn’t cover the entire car. And second, what exactly is a clamshell hood? All this talk of clamshell hoods on past saabs doesn’t make sense. All saabs in the past had hoods that were hinged at the front end of the car.

  3. I love the look, though I could see where some tweaks need to be made for it to fit on a car rather than an SUV. If i wasn’t salivating for the new 9-5 I would be in line for the 08 9-3.

  4. If this info is correct, it means that the current front bumper on the spy shots is a watered down version, probably craftered to monitor airflow yet have a similar look to the current front end. If this is correct, it means that the new 9-3 will have quite an agressive fron end that should look really good.

  5. First, regarding the front bumber. Have a look at this picture. It looks like they have used black teip to hide painted parts of the lower bumber too… Imagine it in teh same color as the car and it looks similar (probalby this is what the computer model has used, and it looks like the basis is a mitchubisi or some other japanese car….)

    Swade – “your” production plan – a pimped 9-7, is this only for the US and how does this go with the saab brand? Is this going to be a pimpmobile?

    The AWD of the 9-3 – will that be in the form of a XC version (similar to audi and Volvo) or will it just be XWD? If not it would be a huge dissapointment to me and it would not cost too much to put on different bumpers and more plastic.

    Where do you have the 9-1, is that only a “semi go”?


  6. Swade, your number 2 and 3 make me very sad 🙁 …. I was kinda’ hoping the 9-3 “Black Turbo” would be on sale by January 2008, so I can get one!!

    I guess I’ll just have to settle with the XWD 😛

  7. the clamshell hood refers to the edges of the hood being on the side of the car above the fenders, which if you took the hood and turned it upside down, it would be a dish. It has nothing to do with which direction the hood is hinged.

  8. Wtf is up with those Kia/Hyundai-looking wheelarches? I pray that someone redesigns them before they order the tooling.

  9. According to newspaper in Sweden 1-2 months ago, the 9-1 was still not officially “go” from HQ, even though sources said the development was up and running with rough prototypes even built and driving around inside buildings at the Trollhättan plant.

  10. The last item on the list mentions a “sub 9-3 range” … meaning car(s) smaller than the 9-3 … for 2010-2011. Looks like we will be seeing something, just may or may not be called 9-1.

    As far as the tape job(s) on the 9-3 spy pics, I was noticing that just the other day myself … there is definitely hidden chrome and hidden lower half of an X shape in the nose that should be body colored.

  11. I doubt it…the space above the headlights is too small – think we are seeing a reflection there of the headlamp light, nothing more…..and as for the below the bumper bit ….seems an odd location for any LEDs, unless we’re talking the lovely Audi lights on the new A6, but then we need to drop the foglamps?

  12. Its just fake… Its a trailer

    Regnr: WPU777 Färg: GRÅ
    Fabrikat: TGAB L 0751
    Årsmodell: 2004 Fordonsslag: SLÄP
    Chassinummer: YU100020X4T049241
    Senaste EU-regbevis del 2: 2007-02-07

    Adress: INDUSTRIG 16
    Postnr: 553 02 Förvärvsdatum: 2007-02-07

  13. I agree with Kroum, If you zoom in on the headlamps by using photoshop or equivalent you can see that the strip above the lights is broken up into sections and that it is to bright to be a reflection off anything. Also it is the wrong angle to be a reflection off of the headlights. Also looks like something next to the driving lights as their is alot of tape their with a little bit of light shining out.

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