Dud Badges!!

UPDATE: John at Elkparts has kindly offered to send me some replacement badges for the Viggen. Elkparts have been supporters of this site since day one – a fact that is appreciated and not forgotten. Thanks for the ongoing support, John!

In a move that may disappoint some, I’m opting for the Saab badge rather than the Saab-Scania. The reason? I have Saab caps on the wheels and a Saab badge on the steering wheel and I’d like them all to match.


This first photo was taken back in mid-2006 when a few friends and I did the 2 Germs and a Swade video. As you can see, I had a nice, full color badge on my Viggen, which I used for my podcast button (on the rare occasion that I actually did a poscast)….


This is the same badge photographed this morning. I don’t even know when it happened, but all my color’s been stripped.


And even the rear badge, which has a decent coat of enamel over it, looks like it’s deteriorating:


Any tips on whether there’s a preferred place to get badges from?

And should I go with Saab-Scania badges or the newer style Saab ones? I have the newer ones on my wheel caps and the color is actually closer to Lightning Blue than than the darker color on the Saab-Scania ones. I haven’t seen one of those Saab ones lose it’s enamel like this, either.

The Saab-Scania one on our 9000 is in the same shape as what my Viggen one is, so maybe this is a condition that’s common to those badges.

All thoughts appreciated.


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  1. I’d just repaint them with some craft store stuff. That way, you can make them in whatever color combination you like.

  2. I’d try to leave them true to the vintage of the car. These are on your Viggen, right? So they should probably not have the “Scania” on them as I don’t think your car had that when new, did it?

    This enamel problem on the badges has been a problem inherent in SAAB badges for probably 30 years now I’m guessing. You’d think that they’d use a different process or materials and fix the problem by now.

    I’m sure some people think SAAB’s logo is a silver disk… 🙂

  3. this is a problem on the new badges also as many on the saab 92x forum got theirs replaced by the dealership even out of warranty as they know its a problem

  4. Yes, I had my 9-2x badge replaced at around 32k miles, just a few months ago. I’ve read all over too that if moisture, dirt, or the slightest gust of air seeps under the enamel, then the emblem will peel soon after. I’m not sure how mine came off, but I think it was in a touch-less car wash!

    Too funny, yes the Saab emblem should just BECOME the silver disk! You know, about half of the used Saab’s I see for sale, mostly on eBay, have just the silver showing.

    Swade, I personally was EXTREMELY fond of the alternate badges that you had featured some time ago, particularly the one with the Swedish flag. It just looks classy, and custom. I had not known of those before mine came off, or I would’ve seriously inquired on using one of those. But I question the quality of that too, as I don’t think they are Saab genuine/OEM.

    Bah, when my Saab badge fell off my 9-2x, I should have went to the Subie dealer to replace it instead! Then I wouldn’t be so upside-down in equity!

    *laugh* … *cry* …

  5. Dud Badges:
    We have 1996 9000 – the front badge disappeared long ago. We also have a 2001 9-5 aero wagon – the front badge disappeared one week ago! Apparently Saab is aware of this but has made no effort to achieve a fix!! This from our dealer. Both these car were were picked up in Trollhatten and driven as far north as Tromso.

    Next car:
    My wife and I will pick up another 9-5 aero wagon in Trollhatten during the 60th celebration. This will be our 6th Saab. I don’t trust GM but after a thorough review of comparable cars including Volvo, BMW, and Subaru yielded this result. Saab should be emphasizing fuel economy. Our Aero easily get more than 30 mpg at 70 mph. Our next car will be a turbo diesel wagon – will it be a Saab?

  6. The badges on my 1995 NG900 are both in excellent condition. I bought the car used in 2002, and I do not know if the previous owner had ever replaced them. I remember thinking to myself at the time that many saabs have some pretty sorry looking badges, and these nice badges may indicate that the car has been well cared for and maintained. The exhaust and brakes on the car, however, showed that it was subjected to some pretty harsh conditions during its life in Rochester NY.

    Since I have taken over ownership, it has been through five winters in central Pennsylvania. The badges still look brand new and I have not done anything special to maintain them. This puzzles me, since I have seen saabs only a few years old with badges totally lacking enamel. I am confused, but it is awesome that mine are holding up.

  7. I think I’ve been one of the lucky ones. My ’88 900 (just moved to the 200k mark on Saturday), still has perfect condition badges on both the front and the back. A friend of mine owns a ’96 9000 and a ’01 9-3 ‘Vert and both of his badges have gone horrible. He actually used the ‘craft shop paint’ method on his 9000 and it looks terrible. You’d think the smart people at SAAB would come up with something.

  8. I came out to my car about a year ago to find half my paint missing from my front badge. All of it is gone now. 🙁

  9. I guess we just need to give SAAB some more time to fix this common failure. I mean, it’s only been happening for 28 years now, according to that link Andy posted… [rolls eyes]

  10. Gripen, the Scania ones vanished at/AFTER 2000?

    Mr. Wade’s Viggen was made pre-(enter morbidly depressing adjective here).

    The front badge on my ’86 900s is gone, and remains gone. Front and rear were gone off the 9-5. The rear actually fell off as one complete flake on our garage floor, so I got to keep it as a souvenir. Replaced both on the 9-5 with non-scania ones :).

  11. I think you should get the Saab emblem, they are much cleaner looking then the Saab Scania emblems. I have changed on my car and I don’t regrett it.

  12. Yes, the new ones look cleaner. But putting them on a model that originally came with the SAAB SCANIA is cheating and ripping off some of the car’s heritage. Well, that’s my five cents on that issue.

    Regarding SAAB emblems I have never had any problems with them, except those on my original Aero wheels wich followed my car that I bought brand new in 2005. I had to replace them after a year. But maybe it has something to do with this heavy salting of the roads up here in Norway during wintertime……

  13. Steve, those badges have failed since the dawn of time. I’ve replaced them on all my cars, and the two replacements on my c900s have also failed. I reckon they can’t hack the Aussie sun. Motors are about the cheapest, I’ll grab one on my account if you like. Part number is 45 22 884.


  14. The front badge on my MY1999 Viggen is in excellent condition, however the rare started to fade out, not very much but visible.
    I also prefer the Saab-Scania badge which still keeps more of the Saab heritage.

  15. Well, given that you’ve got a source, go with it!

    I have just experienced a complete failure much like yours on a new set of badges that were official Saab OE that were installed only two years ago. Suddenly, I’ve got only about one-sixth of the enamel in a wedge on the upper left.

    For everyone else’s benefit, I’m conducting my on little comparison.

    I’ve ordered the badge that Andy installed with the Swedish flag background (see Swade’s post of a few weeks back), and I’ve also ordered a vinyl decal overlay from Swedish Motors here in the US. I didn’t like the look for the vinyl decals that I saw on eBay — they looked like decals since they had white lettering and circles rather than chrome as on the original. The stickers from Swedish Motors look more like the actual badge.

    The supplier that has the Swedish flag background also has ‘updated’ Saab badges (as seen on 2001+) with black and red backgrounds rather than the traditional blue. I thought about the black one for a minute, but I opted for the Swedish flag.

    I’ll post the comparison later.

  16. One other thing — this problem is so widespread that State of Nine offers badge protectors! They appear to be adhesive clear vinyl overlays which they get WAY too much money for. I figure that I could do as well or better myself with some time and a sheet of clear vinyl.

  17. I prefer the original one (Saab-Scania). It’s designed for that model year. I own 2000 year Viggen cab with similar Saab-Scania badge (condition like brand new).

  18. swade, i replaced my front badge, from elkparts, just last month. the last one lasted four years, almost to the day. i chose saab over saab/scania as i think they look better, this time and last.

  19. This is funny, I know this is an older post but I just found and and it made me feel a little better. I bought my Saab second hand and the front AND back emblems were almost entirely gone. I thought it was because the car was poorly taken car of or because someone actually picked at them until they finally peeled away.

    I’m glad it’s not just me, I’ll have to get some new emblems and just really take care of them!


  20. I replaced the badges on my 2003 9-3 too. But I’ve also got the problem that the badges on my wheel hubs have turned an opaque brownish – black – from brake dust I imagine – and I cannot find a replacement online. Any suggestions?

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