Saab Powertrain Snippets

I’ve had a few news tips dropped in my inbox in the last 48 hours, the Swedish one just a few hours ago.

The first bit of news is from the German edition of Auto Motor and Sport. This is my dodgy internet translation:

Smaller engines, asynchronous operation systems and loaded Downsizing engines, under it a small gasoline direct A SPLASh (derived from the new Zweiliter DI from the GT), are in preparation. Large four-cylinders and the V6 are to come soon with jet-led injection. With high pressure one works on the double loading at the Diesel (first with company sister Saab with 180 HP strong 1,9-Liter-Motor starting from IAA 2007), the 2,9-Liter-V6-Diesel with regulated burn and further self fuzes for the USA. Double clutch transmissions are developed together with ZF Sachs. Ethanol drive actual differently than gas operation – at present no topic; this technology is however available over Saab. To the IAA is besides a large savings car with Diesel hybrid to be demonstrated.

That would seem to say that Saab will be getting a 180hp version of the 1.9TiD engine as of the Frankfurt International Motor Show (the IAA) in September this year. I’m unsure what the double-clutch transmission bit means in real terms. Perhaps a German/English speaker could provide a better insight in comments.

It appears that there will also be the 2.9 litre V6 diesel on show, though I’m doubtful that Saab will get that one until a new 9-5 appears. This would be the engine Bob Lutz was talking about a few weeks ago for a new EuroCaddy IIRC.


And from NyTeknik in Sweden, an insight into Saab’s role in what I assume is the ongoing work being done of the E-Flex system that’s part of GM’s latest concept cars.

It seems that Saab, after developing the BioPower Hybrid Convertible, helped out on the Volt concept by contributing to the software required for the electrically driven vehicle.

Again, this is a less-than optimal Systran translation.

The Volt contains several resemblances with the hybrid car as Saab and Lund’s universities took forward on GMs commissions a year ago. Saab’s engineers have also been within the development of the Volt.

“we participated in the development of the software for control of the the driven electricity machine”, says Kjell AC Bergsträm, manager for Saabs engine development.


I’d take this as another example of Saab punching above its weight. Exactly the reason why GM wants to keep it on board. One just hopes it’s a two-way street and the assistance goes both ways as promised, with new vehicles and better quality (ok, that bit’s assumed rather than promised, but you know what I mean).

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  1. “double-clutch transmission” would be similar to the VW DSG. I haven’t driven one yet, so I don’t know if it would be annoying (as most paddle-shift transmissions are) or fun.
    As far as I am concerned, the big news is that they are working on smaller direct-injection engines (hopefully using HCCI as well). This could be the ultimate Saab engine: nearly as efficient as a Diesel most of the time, and yet willing to rev like crazy when you “need” to.

    Imagine a 220+ hp 1200kg 1.6 liter 9-1 hatch that gets 6.0l/100km…

  2. the double clutch transmission is as convinient as any automated… at least, you won’t notice any difference compared to a sentronic – BUT! Its way more efficient,as you even might have lower fuel consumption compared to manuals and that with a slight increase in 0-60! Another example – if you are in 3rd gear of with a dct it will have the 2nd as well as the 4th gear “ready for action” so that you won’t ever notice the shiftsequenz! Sentronics, especially the 6gear version has some – lets say – loading times, that made it difficult to drive fast or even overtake another car! After driving the DSG in an VW/Audi/Skoda this is what Saab needs to have to step up – Foremost in the us-market!

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