Friday 13th, a Suzuki, a Saab and one wrecked BMW.

Spare a thought for Olav, in Norway. Olav always signs off his emails to me as “Olav, who always takes the long road home”. Thus is his enjoyment for driving. Olav’s got a very nice 9-5 wagon and I didn’t know it up until recently, but he’s also a biker as well.

Tragedy struck recently in the form of a sweet but pedal-confused little lady in a Suzuki. Olav’s still going to be able to drive his Saab on the long road home (eventually), but his beloved BMW bike…..

I thought I should share with you what happened in my garage (yes, in my garage!) today on Friday 13.

One of my neighbours, an old lady, is a nice and cute old nurse, but famous for her poor talents in handling a car. To make this a short story she entered our garage, strapped herself in her red Suzuki Swift and started to reverse her monstrous vehicle out of her parking spot.

And then everything you can imagine went wrong – to my disadvantage!

During her reversing she really floored the accelerator, lost control over her monstrous Suzuki and crossed the garage strongly accelerating, targeting my very beloved BMW R1100S (in mint condition!!!!). She hit my beautiful bike and pushed it right into my highly beloved 2005 9-5 SportWagon (also in mint condition!!!!).

She is, of course, very sorry for this, and I feel sorry for her and have comforted her for hours now. And thank God no one was hurt. But I am sorry as well, extremely sorry.

My bike, the beautiful BMW R1100S has really severe damage, and my SAAB (weighing 1,6 ton wich was moved sideways and nearly touched my neighbour’s 2004 SAAB 9-5 sedan) has rather heavy damages itself. The lady’s Suzuki Swift is probably a write off, and I fear the same for my BMW.

I am crying. The motorbike season has just started, and now I have no bike. I will even be without my 9-5 for a while, but I am assured that I will have a SAAB rental car in the meantime. All parts here are well insured, but I am crying.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.






Olav sent me all this info a few weeks ago, but for one reason or another (generally revolving around busy-ness) I missed it. I was prompted to post it today as Olav left a comment on another post that was a sort of update on the situation….

The bike was indeed written off by the insurance company, as was Mdm Demolition’s Suzuki. Olav’s Saab 9-5 is currently in the shop getting fixed and will be back with him soon.

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