German Saabs in 2008

The source of all this is a subscription-only article at Just Auto – and I don’t have a subscription. But there’s enough stuff out there to be able to tell you this much….

Just-Auto are reporting that an undisclosed Saab will be built in the Russelsheim plant in Germany from 2008. No article that I’ve seen mentions which Saab this might be, nor does any article I’ve seen mention from when in 2008 it’ll be built.

My best guess?

I’d like to suggest that it’ll be a new 9-5 and that production will commence in the later stages of 2008, as a MY2009 car.

There’s been a couple of stories regarding this in the last few months. The first word I got about it came out of Sweden when Scania started moving into Saab’s Sodertalje 9-5 engine plant sooner than expected. That was in late February.

The next time this was mentioned was a story in Automobilwoch, a German paper. I provided a Google translation here. This article stated that production of the 9-5 would begin in 2009 with the 9-3 following in 2010. What was uncertain about that article was whether it referred to MY2009 and MY2010 or the respective calendar years. Model years tend to start production around mid-year with the car being unveiled in August-Sept of the preceding year.

That article was also accompanied by this cgi, which got a few people excited….



If anyone has access to the Just Auto article then please feel free to hook us up in comments.

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  1. Swade, I think you are correct about the 9-5. It makes sense since a new Vectra built on the Epsilon 2 platform will be coming out about the same time. Why not build the cars in the same plant? As for the picture, I am underwhelmed frankly. Too much Lexus GS aft of the B pillars. I much prefer the rendering that CAR magazine had a few months back.

  2. Think it look great. A mix between saab, lexus and something new…. A wagon on top of that would be nice…..

    Found this article (in Swedish). Not much news, but JA Johanson is discussion production of 9-1 along side with the new astra in trollhattan. It also says that the production of the 95 starts in late 2008, which to me sounds reasonable given that everyone is agreeing that the current 95 is a great, but old, car.

  3. The back doesnt attract me. I think the last time you showed it, some people brought up that it almost looks like a hatch :)!!!!

    I like the nose and the semi hockey-stiff thing going on…

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