Germany gets its 60th Anniversary models

Saab Germany are now offering a special Anniversary models in recognition of Saab’s 60th Birthday.


The 9-3 Anniversary model offers customers some decent value, giving purchasers a saving of 1,900 Euro over a similarly specified Linear 9-3.

Purchasers will get special 10 spoke alloy wheels, heated leather seats, walnut decor and color-coded body kit. Then there’s the dual zone climate control, electric windows and mirrors and all the other stuff that comes as both standard Saab 9-3 equipment and special Anniversary equipment.

Why am I rushing that bit???

– because it’s not as important as this…

Saab Germany, with the 60th Anniversary Editions are the first Saab division to offer the BioPower option at the same price as the gasoline version.

Saab BioPower is normally available at a premium on top of the regular gasoline price, however Saab Germany are offering their 60th Anniversary models with a free BioPower option. The German market has both the 2.0 litre and 2.3 litre options available and now….they’re available for free.

I’ve been saying ever since driving the 9-5 BioPower myself back in January that Saab Oz should take away the chicken and egg conundrum and go ahead and offer it as standard equipment.

It’s good to see a market taking this sort of initiative and I’m sure we’re going to see others do the same in the future.

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