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Again, may I take this opportunity at the start of the Easter period to wish you all a happy and safe Easter. Drive carefully as you travel to visit family and friends and if you’re even just slighty inclined, then take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday.


A few days ago I did an entry called Saab vs Subaru, noting a few Suuby similarities that bore resemblances to Saabs in time past. There was one that Erik F brought to my attention prior to that post, which I didn’t give enough weight to, and therefore didn’t include in the post.

The “saamiliraity” (Saab similarity, my word) I overlooked was the resemblance the new Suuby Tribeca bears to the spyshots we saw over a year ago of the now-aborted Saab 9-6x. I chose not to include it as the 9-6x was going to be a Suuby based product anyway so I figured they had rights to use the design anyway as it was their base that was used.

Erik’s not the only one who picked up on it though. He beat the big boys to it – Edmunds’ Straighline blog has posted an article on the exact same point. Here’s their comparison pics. Click to enlarge.

SaabSuuby1.jpg SaabSuuby2.jpg

Hats off to Erik for picking it up. I’ll try and pay more attention next time. And thanks to Raj for pointing out the Edmunds story.

And Edmunds, that’s how you do a link!


Whilst we’re on Saab SUV’s….

It looks like Tekniken’s Varld have published an artist’s impression of what the coming 9-4x might look like.

Take it with a grain of salt. Unless it’s an actual photo, I’ve come to be very suspicious about stuff at Teknikens.

Thanks to Tiago for the link up.


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  1. Swade,

    I think you mean 9-6x, so you might want to make the correction.

    The 9-4x has not been aborted last I have heard.

    Now corrected. I was getting a little ahead of myself thinking of the 9-4x Teknikens cover that followed.

    – SW

  2. Also in that Tekniken’s Varld is an article based on an interview with Saabs CEO Jan Åke Jonsson talking about profitability and parts sharing. Sounds like he says the current 9-3 doesn’t share enough parts. That statement scares me. Also something about ethanol. I don’t know if this has been covered before, but here is the link and a Systran translation:
    Now knows we, sows will Saab becomes profitable
    Noes 8 2007

    Tipsa a friend Prints the side
    The mount says actually all. On other floor in tvåstjärniga guide Rouge-restaurangen L ‘ Atelier Gourmand in French Annecy holds Saabs CEO Jan Åke Jonsson hov. We sippar on champagne while Saabs highest manager proud describes Saabs future within GM-koncernen. The is spoken about president Bush investment on ethanol in USA, an area there Saab possesses competence within the sphere. Hybridlösningar where the fuel engine will can to be run of petrol, diesel or perhaps ethanol.

    Director Jonsson is proud, pleased and full of allocating view. His Saab as only two three years earlier hummed of closure’s – and säljrykten seems now have got a bigger confidence in GM-ledningen. 2006 each also a sales success with 130 000 cars.
    The champagne is nearly watch drunk. We take instead place the wide dinner table a stair down. Seven courts will inmundigas concurrent that I can grill director Jonsson with questions about Saabs future.
    Most important is såklart on which way Saab will become a profitable make that can to assert itself and to compete today and tomorrow. To sell 250 000 – 300 000 travels by car as each objective in beginning on 2000-talet seems utterly unreasonable.
    – we have cut down a third of our structure costs during the last years which means that we can to last a huge profitable company if we produce somewhere 175 000 to 200 000 cars a year, says Jan Åke the average bites.
    But does not mean the that the becomes still more badge-engineering, that Saab-själen goes lost when you only sets a brand in chill arena on an Opel or a Chevrolet?
    – no, we must do the better than we done the previous. Today’s 9-3 divides far too too few components with Opel Vectra in order to the will become profitable. Concurrent was Subaru-Saaben 9-2X far too for little Saab. Somewhere mittemellan strives we after.

    Starters, average courts and main courses come and goes concurrentlely as we discuss competitors, fuel and Jonsson’s the possible participation also in the year’s Stockholm marathon (4.10, the 36 previous year). Jonsson alone comes often back to the necessity of a cross-over, therefore 9-4X that we can show sketches on in this number. The smaller 9-1 takes he also up as a complement.
    – when we about some year sheep a complete assortment so will we can to sell up towards 200 000 cars, and then is both we and GM very pleased, says Jan Åke Jonsson the average dessert bites, a chocolate court spiced with flarn of authentic, thin blade gold.
    Remains to see about the becomes gold that Saab will wait on GM: s management about two three years when the is up to evidences. An indisputable fact is in all cases that the belief in the future is big and the is first, and perhaps most importantleest, the stage against success.

  3. Good for Subary that they can use the design of the 9-6, but am I the only one who is rather happy that the 9-6 does not look like that. Think it looks rather thame from the back….

    The front center “hole” could be larger too…

  4. That 9-4X looks like a Pontiac Vibe to me. When are they going to get some design cohesion at Saab with regard to the front end of their cars?

  5. Upon first glance, that 9-4X artist’s rendering looks very Cadillac-esque with its “Art & Science” styling.

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