Hot or Not – Redback Bug

Right now here in Oz, Volkswagen is cutting Saab’s lunch – big time. A new reasonably priced Passat is making the 9-3 look slightly pedestrian at the entry level and the emergence of this car saw a lot of people move to VW here in Oz – it’s possibly even one explanation for the sales decline here in the latter half of last year.

And then there’s the Eos. The ripple effects of that one are as yet unknown, but if the reviews translate into sales then the iConvertible is also in for a rough year.

As a consequence, I’m tending to watch what VW do with some interest. But when I saw this I couldn’t help but have a chuckle. It looks like an abnormally ripened berry or something.

Maybe it’s just me.

It’s a limited ‘Red’ edition Beetle as shown in Auto Express.


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  1. Personally, I like the black and red combo.

    I used to have a black Astra turbo convertible with the red hood and red leather interior, was quite nice and always recieved complements.

    Wonder how the black and red combo would look on the Saab 9-3.

  2. Although the Passat is larger than the 9-3 in size, the Passat is still an outstandingly booooooring car and it´s sales figures should be low considering that aspect. The seats a crap, BUT the hanling is good IF you can feel the road… which you can´t. The design is average. It´s just a car from a world renound carmaker. It has nothing the Saab has but good marketing and a (for the Beetles sake)famous badge. The Eos is a comparatively inexpensive convertible to the 9-3 Converible… But not in the same range and with the (People must see this eventually when it comes to design) awkward rear end of all hard top convertibles.. not in the same range there either. Look at Aston f***ing Martin… Do they have a car like that???? It all comes to price and good marketing. Saab has got the products, but not the maketing yet to make it in the big league. But…. Would we want that???? Saab is exclusive… VW is not. VW is an everymans car. I bet Saab would be selling a whole lot more if the car would be be presented as a top of the line import car at … Say a Holden dealership???? Please think about that!


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