Hungarian Saab Love pt 1

UPDATED – Ivan’s Viggen Specs added below.


Muz-X (or Ivan, as I know him) has been a big help to me in preparing designs for the TS T-shirts I offer for sale here.

Ivan recently did something to make himself smile – he purchased a 9-3 Viggen. The car previously belonged to a mate of his, Anti, and it’s been warmed up to a fair extent.

Here’s a list of the mods performed as supplied to me by Ivan:

The specs of my Viggen:

Originally it’s a MY1999 car but engine is a MY2003 B235R.

Extra modifications:
– Nordic Stage1 software upgrade (250 HP/390 Nm)
– Sachs Race Engineering clutch set
– Forge Motorsport bypass valve
– Silicon vacuum hoses
– Powerflex bushes
– Taliaferro upgraded steering rack brace and clamp
– Taliaferro upgraded rear anti-roll bar
– 16″ Rondell wheels (because of many bad quality Hungarian roads It’s better to don’t use 17″ wheels)
– Speedparts additional charge pressure gauge
– Hirsch carbon dash panel and shifter knob

The mods are made by the former owner Anti, chairman of the Hungarian Saab 9-3/9-5 club, he’s the best Saab expert I’ve ever known.


Check out the full gallery here, but two of my favourites are below.

Great car, and great photos.





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