Hungarian Saab love pt 3

Hungary is fast becoming a place I’d like to visit one day. I grew up playing bass guitar in a band with a Hungarian guy and he was one of the most talented guitarists and songwriters I’ve ever met.

Add to that my contact with a few different Hungarian Saab nuts and some of the beautiful countryside there. Then there’s the fact that Hungarian Saab nuts have to be pretty dedicated in order to pursue their chosen automotive passion – Hungary is still developing economically in comparison with other European countries, so these guys are doing great stuff to acquire, care for and promote their Saabs.

These photos came to me from Megyo, and I’m more than happy to show that Saab lovin extends to places around the world that I wouldn’t have considered too much prior to starting this blog and coming into contact with all these people.

Megyo drives the black 9-3 in these photos (and yeah, the Viggen is Ivan’s). His son has a remote control Viggen that he races around the house and hopes to swap for a full size model one day in the future (watch out, Ivan!).

Nice ride! And check out the griffin on the back. Tasty decoration. Almost makes me want to do another month of 9-3/900 lovin…..






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  1. This is off topic, but here’s a great fact I just turned up in the New York Times’ obituary of the great countercultural novelist Kurt Vonnegut (“Slaughterhouse 5”, “Cat’s Cradle” etc.):

    “In 1947, he moved to Schenectady, N.Y., and took a job in public relations for the General Electric Company. Three years later he sold his first short story, “Report on the Barnhouse Effect,” to Collier’s magazine and decided to move his family to Cape Cod, Mass., where he wrote fiction for magazines like Argosy and The Saturday Evening Post. To bolster his income, he taught emotionally disturbed children, worked at an advertising agency and at one point started a Saab auto dealership.”

    Talk about a countercultural idea: starting a Saab dealership as a means of bolstering your income!

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