I am not a Saab Snob!

Those of you perusing any Saab-related feeds might come across this story at the Detroit News.


That byline comes from the Open Letter to Steve Shannon that I posted here back on April 17.

The article covers the questions people are asking about Steve Shannon and about his level of acceptance amongst the wider Saab community. Our author, Sharon Terlep, quotes my stuff here at Trollhattan Saab as well as a few Saab enthusiasts, dealers and even Steve himself.

The bad part is the Saab Snobs reference. Saab nut? Yeah. Snob?

The good part is that Sharon seems to pick up on the fact that whilst people are concerned with the rotating door at Saab HQ, they’re ready and open to give Steve a chance to do great things. We care a lot about the brand and want nothing more than the successful promotion of the new stuff that’s coming, which will in turn lead to the brand’s continuing existence and the development of better and better Saabs.

I tend to think a long-term leader has a better chance of realising their vision. I hope Steve’s that guy.


I have it on good authority that Steve is getting the feedback from some of the posts on this site. There’s one called ‘Dear Steve’ that I’ve set up specifically for you to provide Steve Shannon with your thoughts. Scroll up, it’s just above this post.

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  1. Way to go Swade. I only just now read the Detroit News article and noticed the references to you. Sweet !

    Well said (letter) !

    Long live Swade & TS.

  2. I would consider myself a Saab snob and have no apologies for it. I don’t take quirky as a put-down either.

    Saab shouldn’t be like any of the other GM brands. It has a rich legacy of independent thinking and should maintain it.

  3. I know they didn’t have to, but did they contact you first and ask if they could use your name and quote?

    As for the “snob” thing, I’m sure you know that attribute was tacked on “yuppie” SAAB owners in the ’80s and never left.

    BTW, I think that picture is a Photoshop! ;-P

  4. Am I a Saab snob. You betcha.

    Am i happy about it. Sure am.

    Does Quirky get me upset? no, its actually a compliment.
    When you think of it, we are what we drive. Do i consider myself quirky? yes, i think outside the box, and try to be very independent. Like saab does with their designs.
    (makes you wonder what Merc and BMW drivers are…hehe…and dont get me started on cadi…)
    I just am a bit concerned with where the brand will stand under all this leadership changing. Especially a guy from, dare i say, BUICK. Buick and Saab have virtually nothing in common (except they both have headlights and wheels). So I hope he doesnt have TOO much say so in the design area, and more of just managing people.
    If I made the rules, who ever designed that new ’08 9-3, needs to be the boss. Now THEY know what a saab should look like. Case…closed…
    I wonder how extensive saab will dumb down the new 9-3 before production.

  5. Sure, many of us take “quirky” as a compliment, but it has negative connotations that the automotive press either doesn’t get or doesn’t care about. I like being quirky, but most car buyers stay away from anything they’re not used to (unless that anything happens to be BMW, then the consumers chalk the quirks up to BMW style).

    As far as snobbery goes, most of us are pretty snobby when it comes to cars…but then again, everyone who’s into cars is a snob. My uncle refuses to believe how capable my 900S is because he’s into Corvettes and muscle cars (as am I, but I’m a bit more open minded). Saab, however, has a name that can easily be turned into Snaab, so we lose :p

  6. Hi Swade,

    perhaps it must be properly established, Steve Shannon is NOT the Boss of Saaab. He is “only” heading up Saab USA, Saab is so much more than that. Saab is a Brand in the GM Europe Portfolio, it exports cars to a lot of countries, the US is one.

    I wonder if the guys in Sweden were even informed beforehand about the change.

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