Magnificent car photography

One of the most enjoybale things I’ve been able to do on this website is get people to take some great photos of their car and post them in for inclusion in the Saab O The Week section of the site. I love photography and I love cars, so it seems like a natural thing to combine the two, especially with the distinct lines that Saabs have.

Cleaning up your car and getting it to a picturesque spot for some well-thought out shots is a great pride-of-ownership exercise. If you haven’t cleaned up your ride for a while it can often be surprising to see just how good it looks. How easily we forget sometimes.

This whole post is prompted by Winding Road’s entry today featuring some of their best car photography from the last 12 months or so. I’m surprised it’s so good actually. I thought internet magazines were still in the baby stages, but this is some full-on professional gear.

It’s also encouraging to see several of the shots were straight from the camera, too, without manipulation in photoshop. Below is one example.


Head on over to Winding Road and take a look. There’s some sensational work there. And if you’re feeling inspired then why not grab your camera and snap off some images of your own Saab?

Some time ago, I got a mate of mine, Stu the lens genius, to write up some car photography tips to share on the site. That post is here and it makes for some very good reading. Stu’s not a professional photographer but he is very experienced and very, very good.

The Saab O The Week section of the blog is here.

99.9% of the photos in the SOTW section were taken by visitors to this site, and more often than not the photo is of their own car.

If you’d like your own car posted in Saab O The Week then it’s as easy as taking a shot and emailing it to me. Just make sure it’s a good one.

And if you make it a large format shot (1920×1200) then it can be used as a Wallpaper as well.

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