Magnificent car photography 3

Local Saabnut and multiple Saab owner, Drew B, deposited these into my inbox after seeing that I was posting about magnificent car photography.

Here we have a couple of very good shots. Even if they’re not the pinnacle of artistic magnificence, at least the car is. There’s one magnificent photo and one I’ll include so you can see the back of the car (Berry and Arun are quite lovely ladies, but they could have ducked, couldn’t they?).

This is Drew’s 900 Turbo 16S and the photos prove a couple of things.

a) it truly is a magnificent beast of a car.

b) Given that this isn’t Drew’s house, it also proves that he does actually drive it occasionally!



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  1. This was almost my second car (not this exact one :P)… After my 1985 Camaro RS was destroyed in 2001, my dad had me test drive one of these off a third hand lot… I loved it but ended up with a 1993 Firebird instead…. If only I could go back now

  2. That car looks magnificent! I´m so glad that it was Drew who got it. That would make sure it will be kept all original and appreciated the Saab design and heritage.

    I have quite similar car, 1991 T16S but compared to this one, it´s just old rusted piece of junk. And I´m also a littlebit jealous to you guys there because you got color coded skirts and whaletail as a standard on T16S. They look so good. In black that is a best looking Saab ever, IMO.

    Here´s a link to photo of our new 9-3SC taken last october:

  3. C900! C900! And I’m beginning to hate you folks in Australia for those color-matched body kits.

    Why did I ever sell my 1993 black SPG?? Why???

    Beautiful car. Really, one of the best.

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