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After last week’s good news that the Trollhattan plant had been selected for production of the new Astra, this week comes the potential for some bad news.

Several news services are reporting that up to 1,400 jobs could be lost at the plant, with GM reportedly looking to cut around 4,500 employees in Europe by 2010. Reports here in Swedish and English.

Saab spokesperson Christer Nilsson had to walk the company line here and referred to the stories as “theoretical”, but there’s plenty of smoke and probably some fire here.


Always interesting to read something written by someone you’re familiar with.

This story is on “sleeper cars” – with notable Saab inclusions – is by Boston Globe employee and former staff writer, Michael Saunders. The by-line says that he’s got a 350hp Saab 900.

Anyone familiar with the personalities at SaabCentral would be familiar with a Mike Saunders there with a very similar car.

A great read and well worth a click.


I don’t want to push up the auction price, but it’s interesting that Ebay is the first place I’ve heard about where a 1:43 scale model of the Aero-X has appeared.

I’m sure that if legit these will make their way to regular outlets at realistic prices soon enough. This one’s selling out of China at a fairly high price – two red flags if you ask me.


Thanks Robin


And while we’re on the Aero-X, people do wonder from time to time what it’s doing and where it’s going.

Apparently it’ll be making its way to Singapore soon. This via email from KWL:

According to Singapore local newspaper, SAAB agent Trans Eurokars will bring in the Saab Aero X concept next month to whet the appetite of young fans. Because by the time they grow up, the Aero X might become a reality.

If I hear any more regarding dates I’ll post it on site as I know there’s a few Singaporeans that check in from time to time, as well as others in the region.


An interesting article at AutoSpeed – Half a Century of Saabs.

Apparently they heard there was an Anniversary on and just guessed! That’s my theory at least.

Although now 10 years out of date, it does have a 2007 publishing date and is still a good read for you historians out there.


Winding Road have a gallery of the models from the recent Shanghai Motor Show.

Nice to see Saab flying the flag with grace and class.


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  1. Swade, if I miss that Aero-X in Singapore next month, it will be your head!! I never thought I would get the chance to see that automobile since I’ve been away from any showings, but I can make it for that. I’ll be anxiously waiting more news!

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