More 9-4x at Teknikens

My thanks to Robert for the tip on this one

Prior experience has taught me to be cautious with articles from this source, but for what it’s worth….


Back on Good Friday I posted the cover of the latest Tekniken’s Valrd magazine, featuring their rendering of a potential Saab 9-4x.

The article is now online here with a few more photos accompanying it.

Here’s their rear three-quarter profile. There’s a clearer front image and side profile at the link.




And here’s my dodgy Systran translation:

Saab fulfills its 60 years and in June comes the 9-3 with a new appearance and four wheel drive. Within a two year period, there will come three new Saab-models: “lill-Saaben” (I’m not sure what they mean by this), a new 9-5 and the entirely new 9-4X….

The future Saab 9-4X symbolises “the new Saab”, the car will be loaded with all new Saab-DNA in design and technology.

Saab has been on the trend towards an suv, or cuv (cross over utility vehicles) as car analysts have begun to refer to the car type, but the mandate at GM has been small. The Saab 9-2X and 9-7X came in desperation because the competitors already had time to release their suv/cuv on the market. The 9-4X is unlike these, developed from the start with Saab in the thoughts of designers and although most of the car is a mix of GM-teknik, the car without hesitation is to become a Saab. The design has been taken forward by Saab’s design department in Rüsselsheim, but also using the the small satellite unit in Gothenburg and Trollhättan comprising 10-15 designers, who have contributed in order to make sure the style will be correct.

Tekniken’s Varld has produced three pictures of the Saab 9-4X that illustrates the new mold. The success with concept Aero X the previous year has given GM/Saab …(unsure)… now they know what one wants to. This has resulted in a clearly indicated suv-front combined with the new smooth Aero X-look. A relatively flame side window gives a sportier design compared with, for example the BMW X3, and is a design idea that 9-4X will divide with ….. in Sweden – new Volvo XC60. …….. The rear gets standing lamps in Saabs new white style and a hatch that reaches right to down to the load floor.

Count on the car showing at the autumn’s Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept. The completed production mock-up should be shown in Detroit in January 2008 and should be available at your Saab dealer close to next summer.


Like I said, that’s my attempt at a translation using Systran. If there’s anything important I’ve missed or got wrong, can one of you Swedes please let us all know.

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  1. i wish/hope the front end has more “aero-x” to it than that, especially the aero-x headlight design.

    those pen-thin, side grille ports are going to take some getting used to. kinda looks like they’re there because they needed to add chrome somewhere.

    the rear is the 9-3x. omen, perhaps?

  2. While I like the more “faceted” look of the grille and front fascia, the two side grilles are much too small compared to the center grille, and also the bottom of the side grilles don’t line up to the bottom of the center grille.

    The scalloped “99/900” hood line can be seen like on recent spyshots of the ’08 9-3.

    The rest of the car is pretty much the 9-3SC.

    I think the nomenclature makes sense (one digit higher than 9-3 line) even though it’s not exactly original (Volvo’s S40/V50, S60/V70/XC70, S80/XC90).

  3. See my SC post:

    Saab 9-4X the clear spring 2008

    Pär Brandt – 2006-09-28

    New information does current that Saabs new SUV-modell 9-4X lies good to in the time schedule.The car is clear to be shown up the spring 2008 and begins to be sold in the autumn.Toppmotorn becomes a 300 hk V6 with trip nest.

    The Internet hums of rumours but the seems as about the banks of fog around Saabs new, medium-sized SUV-modell 9-4X has lifted some. Saab has the actual gone out and informed about the mock-up internal to handlare in USA (sees the link below) and the does not learn to dwell long before design sketches begins to turn up on internet.

    According to välplacerade sources with good insight go the development work according to the time schedule. The means that 9-4X is clear to show up in the spring 2008 (perhaps in Genève?) and completed to deliver to the autumn, as oar mock-up 2009. The car will be produced on a GM-fabrik in Mexico, probable in Silao where one also does Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon.

    Saab 9-4X bases itself on Epsilon the 2 stand and gets initially two petrol engines, 250 hk V6 on 2,8 liters (current Aero-motorn) and moreover a 3,0-liters V6 with trip nest and 300 hk (uncertain about the is same family or another GM-motor). In order to sell the mock-up in Europe is needed also dieslar, but the is mentioned the no details about still.

    Designmässigt becomes 9-4X the first Saab-modellen that sheep clear family features from Aero-X, as such done success in Genève. The välvda the distorted square that searchs itself backward and places A-stolparna long batch is an of these design electricity intended as will do the car “Saabig”. The hope is that also future 9-5 and 9-3 gets these dna from Aero-X, but the lies additional some years ahead in the time.

    When 9-4X is presented becomes the also closed for 9-7X, some as Saab-chefen Jan Åke Jonsson confirmed. Some newly big Saab SUV-modell does not come.
    On entusiastsajten “” exists a picture from an of the internal visningar as been done where design peering sees of future 9-4X been shown.probably the while with camera mobile, but gives nevertheless a little hint of what we can to wait. Sees assuring out!

  4. I like it, it’s icy cool. Along with the blackbird video, this is another cool statement if the image is accurate.

    I think Icy Cool is one thought that should be in the design, unique styling, with that icy look.

    The illuminescant (sp?) lighting of the rear lamp cluster in the blackbird vid is one example of this ‘icy cool’ concept. The edgy design and frosted lights on this 9-4X artist impression is another.

    It’s something the Germans could not hope to compete with, nor Ovlov, even though they are from the same country, Ovlovs just don’t shout cool.

    Saab should get that metallic white finish that is on the Aero X out there as a paint option, I would jump on that selection straight away…….it being ‘icy cool’ an all 🙂

  5. That shot of the 9-4X is probably the first “spy pic” in a long time which actually looks fairly close to the actual “production” vehicle. At the meeting we attended,we were shown esentially 80% of that magazines cover. The rear however is probably the most different than that picture.The back end of what we saw had much larger and substantial looking tailights. The side profile is spot on and to a similar degree as is the front. As for a spring 2008 release I would not hold my breath…unless you can hold it until at least spring of 2009. Although you never know.

  6. That is one gorgeous looking SUV from the side and rear shots but the front needs to be “Saab-ed up” a bit. Get that right and its a winner!!

  7. My $0.02.

    Me thinks this will not be on the Epsilon platform as mentioned. This 9-4x will be a small cross-over, which we all know GM is using the Theta platform for.

    If you tilt your head to the side a little, squint your eyes, and drink 4 shots of Cuervo, the pics look like a Saab-ified Torrent or Equinox.

    Or, maybe an Opel Antara.

    After all, the 9-3 and Vectra share DNA, why wouldn’t the new 9-4x do the same with the Antara?

    The more I look at them side by side, the more similar they look. (Except for the Saab body cues.)

    Any naysayers? Have a gander. Note the window/pillar location. Note the wheel-well placement. Note the sloping roof line toward the rear, forging into a bulging hatch.

    It’s quite nice, but, just a thought. I still wouldn’t mind either way.

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