New MY08 pics emerge

Thanks to ctm and Mattias for the heads-up while I was sleeping.


It’s been a little while since anything new about the MY2008 Saab 9-3 has emerged. This pic, and a few others like it including a full frontal, have been spotted at Tekniken’s Varld. Go take a peek.

This is another SportCombi, and it’s interesting that we’ve only seen the SportCombi and the convertible so far. They’ve managed to keep the sedan hidden pretty well.


This shot is poorly lit and it looks like a cameraphone photo (I’ve tried to sharpen it a little) but it still shows off the new front styling. It looks a little more rounded in this one compared to other shots we’ve seen previously.

The tape job looks a bit better than on previous ones but I still believe that’s tape we’re seeing there around the bumpers and doors. It doesn’t line up properly (to my eyes at least).

Hard to tell about those door handles. Previously we’ve seen Caddy BLS door handles on the test mules, but these look a lot like color coded Saab door handles with the oval shaped area where the handle attaches on the door. Again, it’s hard to tell due to the poor quality source image. It could be shadows giving it that oval shape.

Here’s one of the first pics we ever saw. Looking at this again, I’d say they are BLS handles in the shot above, which isn’t a bad thing actually. They look pretty clean and simple, almost Saabish šŸ˜‰


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  1. WOOOT I got first comment on these pictures :). I’m glad it still says Saab accross the wing in the center grille hole, which looks a little stretched vertically. I still don’t know what I think.

    I wonder if an AWD (XWD?) variant will exist, and if so, will it be slower when mated to the same engine?

  2. I just think it look great, and Swade, I agree with you on the handles, I do not mind them at all.

    I also like the way the front curvs around, making it more aggressive…

    I am not surpriced that we have not seen any ss, but hopefully that will just mean that they will be a surprice in Thattan in June. I imagine that the SC is the most important to try out as I think this will be the one that get the extra plastic for the XC treatment

  3. I’m hoping the finished product is really more dramatic than this spypic. Frankly, I dont see enough exterior changes in this “new” version from the my 2006 9-3. I love SAABs (have 2 and was working on getting my 3rd depending on the new styling). But this is just flat out boring (even if you remove the tape).

  4. As I understand it, the SS will get some treatment to the rear end. The SC already have a distinct rear, so that will not change. And that is why I think we only see SC and verts on the spy pics. They need a surprise for Swade in June. šŸ™‚

  5. The full on frontal pic says two things to me 1/ there is no clamshell hood and 2/ they have done a much better job on this than they did on the 06 9-5. šŸ™‚

  6. well, its looking better and better than the first spypic, just giving us more anticipation for the final product šŸ™‚

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