New site – and 9000 Aero Nordschleife

It’s the month of 9000 love and here’s a very swift 9000 Aero rounding a few bends at the Green Hell.

Oh, how I’d love to do a few laps here while I’m in Europe. But that would be fun and this is a work trip.


The video is from a site I haven’t seen before. It looks fairly new, too. Hopefully they might get a camera inside the car to go with these external shots.

Unfortunately it’s all in German so it’s going to be a little work for me to figure it out, but when I get a bit of spare time with Systran I’ll have a crack at it.

It’s wisely called Saab-Blog and if you read German then you can check it out in a way that smart people do. If not, you can be like me and just look at the pictures.

Lots of sweet Saabs there.

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