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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone (and that’s a LOT of people) who emailed me overnight about the great news coming in about the Trollhattan plant’s selection to be one of the venues for GM Delta production starting 2010. This is fantastic news. Trollhattan is essential to Saab’s heritage and future and keeping the plant open is a crucial element, obviously, in the production of Saabs in their home country.

Also, we have the 9-4x spyshots that have been published on LeftLane News and WorldCarFans. Sorry, i really don’t have tim to track down and provide links right now, but you should be able to find them. I have some more Djup Strupe info coming about the 9-4x, but will try and get that up later.

I’d love to write more about this, but I literally have about 30 minutes of internet time a day at the moment as I’m in a remote area of Tasmania for work. I spent 25 of those 30 minutes today reading all the email.

Consider the comments thread here as an open thread for discussion of those two items, above, or the appointment of Steve Shannon in the US.

And by the way, look out for a blog post from Steve Shannon at GM’s Fastlane weblog, coming soon.

I’ll be back to normal access in about 48 hours. The number of emails in my inbox this morning was quite overwhelming. Thanks to everyone for your support.


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  1. And here is one….

    The new hybrid convertible which delivers zero fossil CO2 emissions, enhanced performance and a range of energy-saving features by combining the use of pure bioethanol fuel and electric power generation for the first time. As the world’s first fossil-free hybrid vehicle, the Saab 9-3 Convertible show car also becomes the world’s first hybrid soft-top.

  2. I like that first impression picture thing.

    The back lights arent similar to the 9-3sc :(… they remind me of 9-7… i thot the lights laterally looked good…

  3. It looks almost the same as the 9-7x, for the first look I can’t distinguish. Very disappointing if it’s really the 9-4x. I hope it’s not.

  4. I just can’t believe that GM chooses to build the new Astra in Bochum and in Ellesmere Port. Both these plants have well passed the best-before date, especially the Bochum plant which looks like something pre-historic from the 19th century. This is a victory for the German union, I think… But after all, why bother? It’s just an Opel…

  5. What can you tell about the suspension from those pics? To me it seems that the 9-4X will be having a thoroughly modern layout. I´m basically starting to drool – wife wants an SUV and with that we might remain a SAAB-family 😉

  6. Konsta, what do you mean “modern layout”? There are 2 different pictures. One is a Photoshop work, showing the car form half-front. The other is from the car on the trailer, which is definitely different and looks almost the same like 9-7X. That one is the real picture, the first one is only a computer graphics.

  7. The car on the trailer is a 9-7X. It’s used as a mule for trying out things during winter testing. The Photoshop job is still just a Photoshop job of how the real 9-4X may look like. I don’t know if any of all those Photoshop jobs we have seen are based on some real info.

  8. I meant mostly the one showing front wheel and the one shot from underneath. To me it seems that all the rusty bits are there to lengthen the chassis enough to fit 9-7X bumpers and stuff. The rear diff looks just like the one we saw earlier on XWD 9-3 so it would be a Haldex.

  9. How do we know this is a Saab 9-4? It clearly has non-Saab lights at the rear and has obviously Amercianised design.

    Might be a mule as someone else has postulated for some other technology but I don’t think we should be getting excited about this.

  10. A person at Swedish BB told that he´d seen just that (kind) of car near Trollhättan. Gives some clue about it´s underpinnings doesn´t it 😉

  11. If you read the article at Left Lane News, you’ll see that the “9-4x” pictured is just a test mule. As I understand it, the body shown is nothing like what the actual 9-4x is going to be – it’s just a modified 9-7x they’re using for testing.

  12. i wouldn’t qualify that thing on the tow truck as even a “mule.” it’s more like a “pre-mule.” comparing it to the promising 9-4x in the photo-shop image seems to require quite a visual leap.

  13. The rear break caliper is in the incorrect place to be just another 9-7, is there any chance someone who has a 9-7 could take a pic of the underside of there rear, just to clear that up the rear of the 9-7 not there own rear. just to compare them.

  14. The new engines mentioned in the autocar article will be a 2.4ltr 200bhp 5 cylinder diesel as found in the Alfa Romeo. And speaking to a Saab honcho earlier the 9-3 will get the XWD first only as an Aero option version with 2.8 twin turbo – Pictures are doing the rounds with dealers and is available in September and looks good!

  15. I have a 9-7x Arc 5.3i, i can make some Photos from the Drivetrain etc. in the next days, when i have some free Time… Hopefully on Saturday…

  16. Hmmm. does that 9-3 front resemble those of the USA spec 9-5 aeros? 2004-05 i think? Looks beautiful without tape I bet…

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