Pimp My Aero-X??

I’m pretty sure there’s not actually going to be any pimping of the real Aero-X going on here. There’d be a worldwide uprising!

Great exposure for the brand, though….

Since premiering at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show, Saab’s Aero X concept has been turning heads and making hearts race. Inspired by the General Motors division’s aviation heritage and Scandinavian roots, the vehicle was developed to showcase Saab’s future design direction. And now, it’s fueling flights of imagination on MTV.

The Aero X concept is lined up to be featured as an “inspiration vehicle” in the May 3 episode of the popular MTV program “Pimp My Ride.” Filmed at Galpin Auto Sports in North Hills, Calif., and hosted by recording artist and actor Xzibit, the show features complete makeovers of old vehicles. The refurbished vehicles feature over-the-top design schemes and a wide range of accessories.

“We wanted to feature the Saab Aero X on ‘Pimp My Ride’ because of its truly unique and inspirational design,” said Larry Hochberg, executive producer, MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.” “What Saab did with the Aero X is in the spirit of what we do – totally rethinking what a car can look like.”

“The Aero X concept signifies the future design direction of Saab,” said Steve Haener, national advertising and promotions manager, Saab Automobile USA. “The concept clearly communicates our aviation roots which provided the inspiration for our ‘Born from Jets’ campaign.”

The 9-2x is the prime mod-ready Saab for the MTV crowd. I don’t know if this episode of Pimp My Ride is going to feature any modded Saabs or just the Aero-X as an inspirational vehicle, but I’m sure there’d be some guys around with some warmed up Saaburus that’d love to show off their ride.

But why does that all sound a little unsettling to me as I read it back?

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  1. Dont worry doctor Swade, our Aero-X will be fine :).

    Just more publicity for Saab with my age group. Needless to say, I would never give my ’86 c900s to that show, although many non-saaber friends have proposed the idea…

  2. I think this is fantastic exposure! The demographic that watches that show probably hasn’t seen the Aero-X, and I haven’t met a single person (young or old) that wasn’t blown away by that car. What a great way to get Saab out there to a younger demographic!

  3. Pimp My Ride typically shows old beaters being pimped out…. nothing as new and nice as a 9-2x. It’ll be nice to see the Aero-X as “inspiration” for the show, though.

  4. North Hills is like 20 minutes from my house. I wonder if they’re going to have the Aero-X there now or if they filmed the segment back in November/December when the Aero-X was in L.A. for the auto show.

    I’ve never seen them “pimp” any European cars on that show, I don’t think. During the credits sequence they show an Ovlov, but I don’t think it was actually on the show. I’ve only seen American and Japanese cars.

    I saw “Pimp My Ride International Edition” on a business trip in Mexico once, which they film with a different host somewhere in Europe (The Netherlands, I think). The episode I saw they were doing some Eastern European car.

  5. I have to admit that I secretly watch Pimp My Ride when no one is looking…

    I cannot imagine that Saab would hand over their multi-million dollar baby over to be bastardized. I’d guess that they’ll have it on display before beating a 9-3 with an ugly stick.

    1985 Gripen, they show the international version here in the states.

    There was a small segment (I cannot remember if it was on the actual show or not) where they were fitting huge chrome wheels on an Enzo. It was really sad.

  6. What they do on “Pimp my Ride” to cars drives me insane… The first season was kinda’ kool, as it was reasonable. But lately, it’s all about how much crazy $&*% can they put in a car.

    I fear this may be publicity in the wrong direction for Saab… The younger demographics could use a spotlight but I worry for Saab.

  7. I agree with Chris…

    The newest car I can remember them butchering is an 01 Acura Legend. I think the only things wrong with it were a bunch of damage on the drivers side (black scuff marks and big dents) and no radio…

    They could very well take an old Saab and screw with it. There’s almost no chance that they’ll do anything with a 9-3 or 9-5 of any sort, but maybe an NG900 or a C900, or possibly a 99, though that’s doubtful (and it would be really painful to watch). There are a lot of Saabs in California and it all depends on whether someone sent them a tape of their beater 900 or something.

    I’d never let those people touch my car. It would come back with no useable trunk space, a half mile to the gallon from all the extra weight, a worse audio system than when it went in, uncomfortable Recaro seats, ugly rims on wheels that almost guarantee tire blowouts every time I go over a speed bump, and a battery expectancy of about a week. And it would be painted some flourescent shade of ugly and have TV’s in it.

  8. Haha, the night I rescued my Saab 99 from hibernation I had a family at a gas station ask me if I was going to put it on Pimp My Ride…

  9. I actually watched the episode last night. I’m not ashamed to admit that I TiVo (DVR for all you non-Americans) Pimp My Ride. It’s the only thing I’ll watch on MTV, but it can be a pretty entertaining program.

    They briefly featured the Aero-X at the beginning of the show. The host, Xzibit (rapper) said that the AeroX is the height of sophistication, or something like that. They showed him in front of it and had a decent brief shot of the Saab badge on one of the front wheels.

    The car they pimped in the episode was an ’81 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel that was in very sad shape. I think the Aero-X was included because it fit with the Euro theme of the show. They rarely pimp anything other than beatup old American or Japanese cars. Fortunately, European cars don’t usually wind up in such sad condition.

    I think the show is over the top, but that’s part of the fun. These are cars that would wind up in a junkyard within a few months, anyway, so they might as well make them rolling showpieces. It is sad to see them pimp vehicles like an old Land Cruiser FJ-40, a Range Rover, and a Mercedes S-Class, but, again, those cars would have wound up in a junkyard anyway.

  10. I pretty much stopped watching the show (with a few exceptions) since they went to Galpin instead of West Coast Customs. It’s really out of hand now with the customizers mugging for the camera and such. Pretty sad.

    Therefore I missed the episode last night. This must’ve been the episode I saw featured on Autobloggreen where they made a biodiesel beast. That would explain why they did a Mercedes (Mercedes are the few used diesel cars in California) and also why the Aero-X was there (a fellow biofuelled car).

  11. “Inspired by the General Motors division’s aviation heritage”

    -The aero-x is inspired på SAAB’s own “aviation heritage”, more than GM’s! Remember that SAAB produced aircrafts long before they started producing cars…

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