Post Lite

Hi All,

Postings to this site may be light here this week.

I’m heading off for some work in the fairly remote Nort West of the state. I’ll be in rental car hell, too, so it all points towards a great week.

Hopefully I will still be able to get on here occasionally and I’ll be writing plenty of material offline in preparation for when I do get some online time. We may have a guest blogger making an appearance, too.

In the meantime, someone emailed me an idea that sounds like fun. If I can drum up some groovy prizes we might just be able to make a competition out of it.

So put your thinking caps on, people. Do you have a video camera and a creative mind? And if so – can you make your own Saab advertisement?

Have a think about it and I’ll post some more later.

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  1. Loving this idea. I Have a bunch of ad campaigns floating around the old noggin. Only problem is I won’t be able to pull them off with just me and my vid camera. Looking forward to what comes of this.

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