Is it just me or is half the internet offline at the moment?

I can’t get bloglines, my rss feeder to work. In fact, several of my regular sites are refusing to load.

Half the time I can’t even get the blog to load.

And in an extremely infuriating development, I can’t the photos of this 9000 Carlsson on Ebay to load. I gotta save me some money after this Sweden trip’s paid off.

Next year is the year of the TS project car and a 9000 Carlsson’s right up there with a 99 EMS as the preferred car of choice.

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  1. Unrelated, but the “suicide your hummer” ad comes up a lot and I always just have to chuckle. Its just so TS 😛

  2. Must’ve been in Tasmania.

    And, project car is right! Wotta pile that car is (NOT).

    That would take about a 20 minute detail. I think that you’re up to a greater challenge than that!

  3. Swade you should just buy that car now, it looks like a honey. Nearly bought one myself last year.

    Trying to work on a 9 list by the way.


  4. A 20 minute detail’s pretty much my limit, Eggs!

    Most of these Carlssons have been driven pretty hard, so there’d be a bit to do to get it running as fresh as it would have been years ago.

    Pete, if I didn’t have a trip coming up it’d be very, very tempting.

    If you want to pick it up for your daily commute I’ll get it off you in around 9 months time. Gotta be more fun than those other mee-too vehicles you’ve been considering 😉

    Why’s it for sale in Geelong with NT plates?

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