Quick Camry vs Saab

Greetings from Stanley in North-West Tasmania.

The heading of this post refers to the fact that I’m going to have to type quick, not the Camry itself. I only have around 25 minutes before this internet cafe closes for the day.

I’ll be writing a little more on this tonight and posting tomorrow, along with some photos – not because the Camry is worth photographing, but the area definitely is.

About the Camry……

Well, if you ever want to feel reassured about your Saab, go hire a car – any car. If you want that car to be lifeless, reliable and totally without personality then go hire a Camry.

Point it in the direction you want it to go and it’ll get you there – no worries. Just don’t think that you’re going to enjoy it. The 4 cylinder motor is nowhere enough for a car this size. It’s gutless and starts to smell if the revs get over about 4500 e.g. when overtaking.

My big bugbear at the moment is to do with interiors and I’ll give Saab a pass for the next week or so. The interior of the Camry is truly awful. The seats are hard. The entertainment controls are so poorly laid out it’s ludicrous (unless you have go-go-gadget arms) and the plastics are the equivalent of those toys they give out to kids with McDonalds happy meals.

Like I said, I’ll write more tomorrow and include some pictures. In the meantime, please remember me as you climb into your comfy seats and drive effortlessly up a hill.

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  1. Drive safe Steve.
    Say hello to the Nut for me and the pants.
    And if you get a chance pop into Ye olde Chocolate Shoppe and say hello from the fudge people , they are a lovely ye olde couple.

  2. Best of luck, Steve, I’ve heard the Stanley locals drag people up into the hills and do funny things to them.

    Have a few Cokes and ciggies for me.


  3. the worst thing about the Camry is the cruise control. It is unberably dificult to use as it is on a third stalk and it moves each time you go to use it as it is attached to the wheel itself. Almost had an accident trying to use the dam thing.

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