“Release Me” update

Saab have been doing a fairly big radio and TV campaign in Ireland and the UK featuring the song “Release Me” by the Swedish band ‘Laura’. In case you hadn’t noted it from previous posts here, Ireland is a prime market for BioPower as the Irish government allow a significant discount on the purchase price due to the car’s green credentials. Saab Great Britain are lobbying for similar concessions, but so far without success.

The campaign has seen a strong response and the release of BioPower into the 9-3 model range will only add to that. Sounds like it’s a good time to be an Irish Saab sales guy.

Here’s the BioPower clip, but read on as there’s a little more in store with regard to this song….


If you want to download your own copy of the song, Saab have made it available at the following link: “Release Me” by Laura


A little while ago, Andy Rupert had a little fun with this song and recorded his own version, right around the time I was doing a series of “bring back the hatch” posts here on the site.

The clip you just watched, above, is an actual Saab commercial and has recorded just over 7,000 views according to YouTube’s statistics. There’s another version there for the Czech market that’s had over 15,000 views.

Andy Rupert’s version, which I put some pictures to and posted on Youtube for a bit of fun, has had a staggering 45,000 views!!!

Andy, you’re a star!


Finally, here’s the original film clip for the song in full as done by Laura.

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  1. During the weekend I went to se a movie, during the commercial before the move they showed the BioPower add. The difference was that it was for 9-3 Convertible BioPower which I have not seen before.

  2. A-freakin’-mazing!

    I’ll repeat my previous comment:

    Putting this on the air will sell vehicles. Guaranteed. I’d bet my 9-5 Arc on it if I had to.

    It could even be played in the US for non-biopower car promotion- all you need to do is change the caption. 9-5, 9-3…doesn’t matter. It will get people in the door.

  3. ctm, there are different versions of Eurosport (and Discovery) depending on country. I don’t think that the Saab add has been shown in all of europe. Was the add in swedish?

  4. If I saw that ad on TV I’d turn it off…that girls voice is awful! Kind of reminds me when you hear a cat on heat yowling – not impressed on bit!!

  5. imho this is such a great ad. it all just clicks together.

    and i want my car to make a jet noise too when it accelerates.

  6. Love the song – something of the Cardigans meet Sinead O’Conner in there. Wonder what settlement Laura have reached with Saab to forego the sales of the single? Might it not have been better to promote the song and see Saab in the ‘Hit Parade’ 😉

  7. the name of the band is actuall “Oh Laura” sorry if i seem pedantic, but they deserver to be noted correctly for such a piece of work.

  8. That song is terrible, we’ve got some video advertising running in our elevators here in Beijing and the local people make comments about how dreadful she sounds.

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